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They’re afightin’ at Harrisonburg

REBEL AND Yankee reenactors recreated the Battle of Fort Beauregard over the weekend in Harrisonburg. The fort was constructed atop the high ridge in the rear of the town located along the Ouachita River. In the spring of 1863, a fleet of Union gunboats was unable to pass the fort due to a barrage of Confederate fire from heavy cannons positioned atop the ridge. In September 1863, a Yankee land force of 4,000 men staged from Natchez flushed the undermanned crew of 40 Confederate defenders from the fort. (Photo by Rhett Powell)


Parish boys begin playoffs

Ferriday, Vidalia and Monterey boys basketball teams begin playoff action Friday, with No. 7 Ferriday hosting No. 26 Northeast High Friday in Vidalia in Class 2A, No. 22 Vidalia visiting No. 11 Albany in Class 3A and No. 20 Monterey visiting No. 13 Glenmora in Class B.

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