Baton Rouge attorney Felix Anthony DeJean IV was found guilty in Vidalia today of simple battery on District Attorney Brad Burget in an incident that occurred in the chambers of Judge Kathy Johnson last year.

Former Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor, who presided, found DeJean guilty after hearing testimony from five witnesses for the prosecution, including Burget and Johnson, and one for the defense, DeJean.

Traylor will sentence DeJean on Aug. 2.

The March 19, 2015 incident occurred during a conference in the judge’s chamber between Burget, DeJean, Johnson and 1st Assistant District Attorney Ann Siddall.

Lafourche Parish District Attorney Kam Morvant and Assistant District Attorney Kristine Russell handled the prosecution in the case.

DeJean was represented by his father, Felix DeJean III, and Lafayette attorney Kevin Stockstill.

During proceedings, DeJean acknowledged using strong words against Burget in the judge’s chambers during the conference, but he said Burget attacked him.

However, four witnesses told a different story.

Burget said DeJean had displayed animated and aggressive behavior during court proceedings prior to the conference. He said DeJean’s hostility continued in the judge’s office.

While in chambers, Burget said DeJean told him, “I’m going to kick your ass,” then called Burget  “a motherf-----g coward” before bumping him twice in the chest, the first bump knocking Burget against a bathroom door. Burget said he also “felt pressure to the right side of my abdomen” on the second chest bump

In self-defense, Burget said he used the fingers of one hand to grab DeJean on the lower part of the neck and pushed him back over two chairs until others rushed into the office and separated the two men.

Burget said he was “shocked and embarrassed” over the event but felt he had no choice but to defend himself.

Judge Johnson said DeJean appeared upset with her over the court ruling that had just occurred involving his client. She said “things weren’t going his {DeJean’s} way.”

She said she heard DeJean call Burget a “f---ing coward” and saw him bump Burget once in the chest. Prior to that, she said she heard DeJean say to Burget, “Bring it on. Bring it on.”

Johnson’s secretary Julie Mount said that from her desk outside Johnson’s office she heard the words “f-----g coward” and looked up and saw DeJean chest bump Burget.

Court reporter Leona Paul said she too was outside Johnson’s office when she heard a thump and saw Burget “shove” DeJean “away from him.” She said DeJean “was in” Burget’s “face.”

Siddall, who was in the room with Johnson, Burget and DeJean when the incident occurred, said she heard someone shout the words “motherf----r” and heard a crashing sound but did not see the physical confrontation between the two men.

On several occasions during the proceedings – which began at 9:30 a.m. Thursday and continued until shortly before 1 p.m. – Judge Traylor admonished defense attorneys several times for their line of questions and for bringing up issues not related to the case. Once he told DeJean, “You’re not running this courtroom.”

During cross-examination by the state, Russell noted that DeJean said four of the other witnesses testifying were lying.

“So you are the only one telling the truth?” she asked DeJean.

“One hundred percent,” he said.

DeJean filed a lawsuit on March 18, 2016, against Burget.

Burget called the suit “frivolous.”

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