The Concordia Parish Police Jury tabled two reappointments to the Riverland Medical Center Board of Directors Monday night to research whether term limits have been established.

Additionally, an appointment to the Concordia Waterworks District No. 1 Board also was tabled.

The vote to table was unanimous.

Willie Dunbar’s motion to table was seconded by Whest Shirley and also supported by Adam Probst, Vice-President Joe Parker and Jimmy Jernigan.

President Jimmy Wilkinson votes only in the event of a tie. Jurors Carey Cook, Jerry Beatty and Red Tiffee were absent.

Jurors in the past have typically made board appointments based on the recommendations of the various boards, but the Jury has the authority to appoint whomever it wishes. In the past, it has discussed limiting hospital board members to two six-year terms.

The term limit issue came up when the Jury discussed whether to reappoint RMC Chairman of the Board Jim Graves and Fred Marsalis to new six-year terms on the hospital board.

In recommending Graves and Marsalis for reappointment, RMC Administrator Sam Ellard wrote that both board members “offer many years of dedicated service to Riverland Medical Center and possess experience in all matters of Board responsibilities. Also, at this critical time of Hospital construction, their knowledge will provide oversight and continuity as we transition through the phases of the project.”

The discussion at the meeting Monday centered on whether the Jury officially set a two-term limit on hospital board service. Jurors discussed a meeting in May 2017 when the Jury named two new members to the Riverland board – Randy Hoggatt and Rowena “Cherie” Lipsey.

The Riverland board had passed a resolution requesting that the Jury reappoint Larry Chauvin and Rena Pitts, while three other persons had requested consideration – Barry Maxwell, Dr. Dennis LaRavia and George Tosspon.

Action also was tabled Monday night on reappointing Don Linder to another term on Concordia Waterworks District No. 1 Board.

On Tuesday, Jury Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley researched Jury records dating back to 2013. She said there was no information in the minutes reflecting a term limit for the hospital board or any other board.

She said that in April 2013, the Jury adopted policies for boards as they pertain to furnishing financial reports, minutes, making board appointments and other matters, but nothing on term limits.

Wilkinson said Tuesday that “we will research this further and will provide documentation to the Jury at our next meeting so that jurors can make a decision and appoint who they want.”

In other business on Monday, the Jury voted to ask DA Brad Burget for legal advice concerning continuous delays relating to the renovation of the courtroom. Jurors say the architectural firm Barron, Heinberg and Brocato of Alexandria is in charge of the project.

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