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For the second time, bids for construction of a new sewerage system for Washington Heights on Highway 425 between Ferriday and Clayton came in over budget, this time by $129,000.

But the engineering firm handling the proposed work for the Concordia Parish Police Jury, which is administering the grant used to fund the project, is checking to see if there is a way to lower costs by working with the low bidder.

Additionally, the Jury will see if it can obtain additional grant funding for the work.

The project was discussed during the Jury’s regular meeting Monday night.

The Louisiana Community Development Block grant for the work totaled $404,665. The engineer estimate for the project is $300,000. The remainder of the grant funding is for administrative and engineering costs.

JABAR Corporation of Calhoun was the low bidder at $429,071.80 with an alternate bid of $19,472.90.

Other bidders were:

Camo Construction Co, Inc., of Vidalia, $507,122.29 with an alternate of $25,076.

Womack and Sons Construction Group Inc. of Harrisonburg, $519,402 with an alternate bid of $33,170.

Once the project is complete, Concordia Parish Sewer District No. 1 will operate the system.

The developer who built the present system in Washington Heights in the 1990s later went bankrupt and the system deteriorated over the years, according to the Jury.

Residents attending the Jury’s regular meeting two weeks ago said toilets weren’t flushing, bathtub water won’t drain and raw sewerage can be seen on top of the ground.

Jurors explained that the Jury could perform no work in the subdivision because it was privately developed.

Womack & Sons Construction of Harrisonburg was the only bidder during the first offering. The company bid $499,297.

Work will include rebuilding the subdivision’s sewerage system for approximately three-dozen households including the placement of new lines and construction of a treatment plant.

The new lines will be connected to the houses in the subdivision as part of the grant funding.


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