The Concordia Parish Police Jury must complete work soon to rate parish roads, a requirement of the Parish Transportation Act (PTA).

In a report to the Jury and discussed during its regular meeting Monday night, Secretary-Treasurer Sandi Burley said the Jury recently approved the policies and procedures required under the PTA.

She said to be compliant with the act the Jury must “rate each of the roads under the Parish’s jurisdiction to establish the top ten roads in the most disrepair.”

She said the PTA requires “that we rate this list and then develop a 3-year capital improvement plan” for roads.

The PTA was established in 1990 to provide funding for maintenance, construction and repair of roads in a parish.

“More importantly,” Burley noted, the Jury “must certify annually to the LLA (Louisiana Legislative Auditor) that it is compliant with the statutory provisions of the PTA” or risk losing state transportation funding.

Burley said one requirement is that “during the fiscal year, a continuing study of roads for the purpose of bringing existing roads up to current standards shall be determined annually. The method to determine which roads are in most critical need is established by the road rating survey.”

She said the Jury must also adopt a three-year plan.

A road survey must consider the number of dwellings, transit routes (mail vehicles or school buses), estimated traffic volume, existing condition of road, road characteristics, primary use of road (residential, commercial, farmer, hunting or camping), road issues (inadequate shoulders, drainage, culvert, other); materials needed (grading, rock, ditches) and special considerations.

In other action during the meeting, the Jury:

Reappointed Jim Graves and Fred Marsalis to the Riverland Medical Center Board, Don Linder to the Concordia Waterworks District Board and appointed Melvin Ferrington to the Concordia Sewer District Board.

Approved the payment of an invoice to Black River Services LLC totaling $13,207.50 for vegetation management.

Established a speed limit of 25 mph for Terry Circle.

On a motion by Joe Parker Sr. requested that the Tensas Basin Levee District and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development address various drainage issues in Clayton.

Approved occupational licenses for Mack’s Dog Supplies, John Mack Murray, 411 DA Biglane, Vidalia; and My Touch, Myeshia Robinson, 382 Calhoun Road, Ferriday.

Asked Media 3 to addressed complaints concerning service.


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