Airport audit

The Concordia Parish Airport Authority’s net position stood at $3,161,840 for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, according to a financial report released by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Silas Simmons LLP, a Natchez accounting firm, prepared the report.

According to the report, the airport’s total assets last fiscal year included $8,206, cash; $4,091, inventory; and $3,149,543, capital assets, net.

No liabilities are listed.

In a statement of activities, the report showed expenses of $553,583, including $130,209, airport services; and $423,374, depreciation.

Program revenues totaled $95,630.

Grants totaled $254,897, including $171,893, federal; $47,004, state; and $36,000, parish.

Total revenues last year, according to a statement of revenues, expenditures and fund balances, totaled $350,527, while expenses amounted to $360,067 ($130,209 in airport services and $229,858 in capital outlay).

That resulted in an excess of expenses over income of $9,540. The beginning year fund balance was $21,837 and the end of the year balance was $12,297.

The Concordia Parish Airport Authority is a component unit of the Police Jury. The Police Jury appoints the five commissioners that serve on the airport board

Commissioners served without compensation and the airport has no employees.

Carl Sayers is chairman of the airport board of commissioners that also includes Jerry Stallings, John Blunschi, Donna Maroon and Ray Skates.

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