If Clayton aldermen pass its proposed 2019-2020 fiscal budget next week it will reflect a projected loss of $46,000.

No payments to Concordia Bank & Trust Co. on a defaulted $250,000 loan are included in the budget proposal.

Clayton aldermen reviewed the new budget Tuesday night during a regular meeting. A special meeting and a public hearing are set for July 23 at 6 p.m. where aldermen will vote on the matter.

Total proposed revenues are projected at $120,840 while proposed expenses are $231,186 for the year, according to proposed budget figures. This deficit of $110,346 will be lowered due to a transfer of $64,000 from loan proceeds.

 “If we can take care of our people’s utilities, we can bring in some money,” said Mayor Josephine Washington. “It is not fair that some people are stealing water while some people are paying for their water.”

In the budget, Clayton officials are looking to garbage collection and traffic fines as their largest sources of revenues. Anticipated income for garbage collection is at $46,440, and expected income for traffic fines is $48,000. Clayton has also budgeted $12,000 in revenue for ad valorem taxes and $8,700 for franchise taxes.

Salaries are the biggest expense listed on the proposed budget at $90,000, down from last year’s total of $120,603. Aldermen salaries are expected to be down to $12,000 from last year’s total of $13,800. The mayor’s salary is up to $25,200 from last year’s total of $23,100, according to the proposed budget.

Additionally, expenditures will exceed revenues by $6,472 in Clayton’s proposed public works budget.

The only source of revenue in the public works budget is a road tax at $9,600. Total expenses are anticipated at $16,072.

Salaries are the largest expense listed in the proposed public works budget at $8,400 followed by repairs and maintenance at $3,000, auto expense at $2,500, insurance at $1,500 and payroll tax at $672.

Meanwhile, aldermen updated fines for an ordinance passed in 1964 pertaining to unkempt yards. In the update, fines increased from $25 to $206 that accounted for the rate of inflation.

The ordinance states grass in yards should be no higher than eight inches. Aldermen advised Clayton officials to begin mailing warning letters to those in violation of the ordinance.

Additionally, aldermen passed a resolution mirroring Louisiana’s Title 32 traffic laws and fines.

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