The Ferriday Board of Aldermen discussed at its regular meeting Tuesday night two long-time problems -- stray dogs and street maintenance.

Ferriday alderwoman Chryl Smith-Lee said stray dogs were a problem by turning over trash cans in her district.

"They are just roaming around," Lee said.

Ferriday Mayor Sherrie McMahon said someone dropped a dog at her house and it camped under her residence.

"I took it to Jonesville to someone, but the dog walked all the way back to my house," McMahon said. "I was feeding it so it wouldn't get in anyone's trash. It had puppies under my house."

McMahon said the animal shelters at Ferriday, Vidalia and Natchez are full.

"I'm going to look into it more," McMahon said. "I've been praying hard to come up with a solution."

In other business, a letter from Dorothy Ulmer was read discussing the poor road conditions around Ferriday Junior High and Ferriday Upper Elementary.

Ferriday Alderman Andre Keys said he has sent out work orders for that area.

"I have been over there myself trying to keep up that area," Keys said.

The board also approved occupational licenses for Amado's The Wash and Extreme Car Wash and Detail.

Aldermen Glenn Henderson and Lee voted against Amado's because they were uncertain if the business on Sixth Street was in a commercial or residential area.

Keys, Gloria Lloyd and Gail Pryor voted to approve the license.

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