Early voting for the gubernatorial primary election starts Saturday, Sept. 28.

The early voting process will continue through Saturday, Oct. 5, excluding Sunday, Sept. 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The primary election is slated for Oct. 12.

Registrar of Voters Golda Ensminger said voters in Precinct 5-4 at Wildsville would vote at Sonny’s Food Mart rather than at the sheriff’s office substation. She said voters will receive new Voter ID cards this week.

Four constitutional amendments will be on the ballot in October.

Dr. Dennis LaRavia will be the parish’s new coroner after Craig Hawn and Pam Poole withdrew from the race.

Candidates for office include:


Robert "Rock" Davis, Democrat, Ferriday.

David Hedrick, Independent, Ferriday.

Denis Mulvihill, No Party, Vidalia.

Fred W. Taylor III, No Party, Vidalia.

Clerk of Court:

"Andy" Anders, Democrat, Clayton.

Pascha Cater Brown, Republican, Vidalia.

Phillip Webber, Independent, Vidalia.

Police Juror District 1, Place A:

Maurice Bachus Sr., Independent, Ferriday.

McKinley Bates Jr., No Party, Ferriday.

Carey H. Cook, Democrat, Ferriday.

Police Juror, District 2:

Kenneth "Butch" Brannan, Democrat, Vidalia.

Willie J. Dunbar, Democrat, Vidalia.

Kevin Friloux, Independent, Vidalia.

"Kenny" Simpson, Democrat, Vidalia.

Rodney "Fred" Washington, Democrat, Vidalia.

Willie "Bill" Yearby, Democrat, Vidalia.

Police Juror District 3, Place B:

Kenneth DeWitt, No Party, Vidalia.

Steve Fleming, Independent, Vidalia.

"Bob" Jones,  Independent, Vidalia.

Cornell Lewis, No Party, Vidalia.

"Casey" Wagoner, Independent, Vidalia.

Allen "Scottie" Whittington, Republican, Vidalia.

Police Juror District 4, Place A:

Genesia S. Allen, Democrat, Ferriday.

Jerry Beatty, Independent, Ferriday.

Rodney Matthews, Independent, Ferriday.

Curtis "Wrecker" Nelson, Republican, Vidalia.

Terrence "Sweet" Williams, Independent, Ferriday.

Police Juror District 4, Place B:

Lana Hawkins, Democrat, Ferriday.

Gary Wayne Neal, Republican, Ferriday.

Jimmy K. Wilkinson, Independent, Ferriday.

Police Juror District 5A:

Henry H. Ceasor, Democrat, Jonesville.

Collin Edwards, Independent, Ferriday.

"Jimmy" Jernigan, Democrat, Jonesville.

Linda Long Mills, Democrat, Jonesville.

Howard Phillips, Democrat, Ferriday.

Police Juror District 5B:

"Brad" Adams, Republican, Monterey.

Darrell Brigman, No Party, Monterey.

Ryan Thompson, Republican, Monterey.

Morris M. Willson, Republican, Jonesville.

Mayor Village of Ridgecrest:

"Connie" Adair, Independent, Ridgecrest.

Veller Ray Carroll, No Party, Ridgecrest.

Alderman Village of Ridgecrest:

Deborah Barrett, No Party, Ridgecrest.

BESE District 5:

Stephen Chapman, Republican, Alexandria.

Ashley Ellis, Republican, Monroe.

State Senator 32nd Senatorial District:

Daniel M. "Danny" Cole, Democrat, Jena.

Judia "Judy" Duhon, Democrat, Olla.

"Steve" May, Republican, Columbia.

Glen D. Womack, Republican, Harrisonburg.

State Representative 21st Representative District:

C. Travis Johnson, Democrat, Ferriday.

Glen B. McGlothin Jr., Independent, Jonesville.

Jane Netterville, Democrat, St. Joseph.

"Clint" Vegas, Independent, Ferriday.


Ralph Abraham, Republican, Baton Rouge.

Oscar "Omar" Dantzler, Democrat, Hammond.

Patrick J. Doguet, Republican, Rayne, Other/Disq.

John Bel Edwards, Democrat, Baton Rouge.

Gary Landrieu, Independent, Metairie.

Patrick "Live Wire" Landry, Republican, New Orleans.

Manuel Russell Leach, Republican, Natchitoches, Other/Disq.

M. V. "Vinny" Mendoza, Democrat, Ponchatoula, Other/Disq.

"Eddie" Rispone, Republican, Baton Rouge.

Lieutenant Governor:

Willie Jones, Democrat, New Orleans.

William "Billy" Nungesser, Republican, Belle Chasse.

Rao M. Uppu, Democrat, Prairieville, Withdrew.

Secretary of State:

Kyle Ardoin, Republican, Baton Rouge.

"Gwen" Collins-Greenup, Democrat, Clinton.

Thomas J. Kennedy III, Republican, Metairie.

Amanda "Jennings" Smith, Republican, Bastrop.

Attorney General:

"Ike" Jackson Jr., Democrat, Plaquemine.

"Jeff" Landry, Republican, Broussard.


Derrick Edwards, Democrat, Harvey.

Teresa Kenny, No Party, New Orleans.

John M. Schroder, Republican, Baton Rouge.

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry:

Marguerite Green, Democrat, New Orleans.

"Charlie" Greer, Democrat, Natchez.

Michael G. "Mike" Strain, Republican, Covington.

Peter Williams, Democrat, Baton Rouge.

Bradley Zaunbrecher, Republican, Egan.

Commissioner of Insurance:

James J. "Jim" Donelon, Republican, Metairie.

"Tim" Temple, Republican, Baton Rouge.

For more information about the election contact Secretary of State’s Elections Division, visit www.GeauxVote.com or call 225-922-0900.

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