Bank statements and financial reports dating back to 2017 are missing from the Clayton Town Hall.

Mayor Josephine Washington made the stunning announcement at the end of the town’s regular meeting Tuesday night.

She said statements and financial reports from Concordia Bank & Trust Company and Delta Bank were discovered missing earlier this month.

“Some of the residents wanted to review our records,” Washington said. “Whoever was reviewing (the records) took them out of here. I did a police report. If I find out who took them I will press charges.”

Anyone can review Clayton’s financial reports and bank statements, but they are not allowed to take the items outside the building, Washington said.

Clayton’s financial reports list bills that have been paid and the dates, money amounts in accounts, payroll etc.

“I can’t tell how many financial statements are missing, but all the bank statements are missing because they were all in a big plastic container,” Washington said.

On another front, questions arose on the compensation for aldermen and whether they should be paid if they attend Clayton’s meetings.

“The Legislative Auditor has asked me to draw up an ordinance on how (alderman) want to get paid,” Washington said. She said the question was whether “if you attend or don’t attend the meeting, do you get paid?”

In previous meetings, aldermen discussed donating part or all of their compensation to help pay debt – approximately $250,000 -- owed to Concordia Bank & Trust Co., said Alderwoman Shannon Madison.

“What we discussed before the last meeting was that we would cut our salary in order to help pay the debt at Concordia Bank,” Madison said.

In the April meeting, a discussion of adopting an ordinance detailing the amount and frequency of aldermen pay was tabled due to the absence of Madison and Alderman Houston Holmes.

No action was taken concerning alderman pay at the meeting.

Meanwhile, four resolutions concerning a possible Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) were approved.

If the aldermen have their way, money from a possible LCDBG grant will be used for street improvements in Clayton.

Alderman Willie Evans said several streets around Clayton have been damaged by 18-wheelers and are in need of repair.

“We need to erect some signs saying no 18-wheeler thru traffic,” Evans said. “If there are no signs people assume it is okay to drive on the streets with 18-wheelers.”

In the first resolution, aldermen agreed to adopt a citizen participation plan, complaint procedure and a chief administrative official for compliance with the LCDBG program.

Aldermen then passed a resolution authorizing Washington to proceed with the development of the LCFBG proposal.

The third resolution passed was the adoption of a procurement policy for compliance with the LCDBG program.

Aldermen gave Washington permission to proceed with the procurement and selection of professional services for the purpose of assisting in the development of the LCDBG proposal and implementation of the project if funded in the fourth and final resolution.


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