The Concordia Parish Police Jury asked Concordia Waterworks to reconsider an exorbitant bill incurred by a customer amounting to more than $1,200 for one month.

The customer, Seth Hughes of Vidalia, explained his situation during the Jury’s regular meeting Monday night.

Hughes said that on June 4 he received a bill from Concordia Waterworks totaling $1,239.25 for the billing cycle of April 16 - May 13, 2019. The bill showed that he had used 270,500 gallons of water in 27 days.

Hughes said he checked for leaks, performed a dye test in his bathroom toilets, checked the meter and did all he could to figure out the problem. But no leaks were found.

He said his bill typically runs $40 per month.

Officials at Concordia Waterworks were not receptive to his problem, he said, and some seemed irritated with his efforts to resolve the matter. He said he received different answers to the same questions.

In a document outlining his experiences, he noted that he was “not asking for a free pass or even a reduced bill like other water works do, but for the communications to improve. If someone has a crazy bill like this, they should be notified and not given false information. There is no reason why communication to the paying customers should be this difficult.”

Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson said he didn’t believe Hughes “had a water leak” and should be given “the benefit of the doubt.”

Waterworks board member Katherine Cartwright, who attended the Jury meeting, said she would ask the board to take another look at the matter.

In other business, the Jury:

Appointed the following members to the Lake Concordia Advisory Board: Fred Middleton (5-year term) James R. June Jr. (5-year term), Samuel Cole (4-year term), Stephen Dawkins (3-year term), James Bernard Cole (1-year term).

Approved an occupational license for Pacheco’s House Remodeling, Mia Dela Cruz Pacheco, 1623 Hwy. 569.

Rejected a motion by juror Willie Dunbar to clean up a lot that other jurors felt would be too expensive because it involved clearing away small trees. The motion died for a lack of a second.

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