Robert Maples resigned Thursday morning as mayor of Ridgecrest.

In the last several months, the Ridgecrest Board of Alderman and Maples have been criticized by the public after tap water conditions worsened for the community.

With this issue in the forefront, Maples said he did not have adequate time to dedicate to Ridgecrest.

“I feel like Ridgecrest deserves more than I can give them right now,” Maples said. “My son and I have a business. (The business) hasn’t been doing anything except for last couple of months, and it has been wide open.”

Maples was in his first year as mayor of Ridgecrest and assumed the position after former mayor Bobby Sheppard chose not to seek another term. Maples was the lone candidate to seek the post.

Maples said he would send a notarized letter of resignation to Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin’s office. 

The resignation will become “valid upon receipt of the original notarized letter in the Secretary of State’s office,” according to the Secretary of State’s webpage.

When the letter is received, the Commissions Division of the Secretary of State’s office will transmit the notice to the Ridgecrest Board of Aldermen which is required by law to make an appointment to fill the vacant seat and call a special election to fill the vacancy.

“Ridgecrest deserves somebody that can be there and take care of things,” Maples said. “The mayor shouldn’t have to take care of everything over the phone.”

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