FIRE DESTROYED the two-century-old Frogmore Plantation home last week. (Photo courtesy Betsy Sawyer)

 Concordia Parish community lost a piece of history Friday when fire destroyed the historic centuries old Frogmore Plantation House.
The house Buddy and Lynette Tanner was more than 200 years old.
Concordia Fire District 2 Chief Nolen Cothren said the origin of the fire has yet to be determined.
He said his department was notified of the blaze at 7:51 p.m. on Friday.
"The first unit on the scene arrived at 8:02 p.m., Cothren said.
"Upon arrival we found fire above the carport on the east end,” he said. “The kitchen was located above and was fully engulfed. An interior attack was made and visible flames were knocked down.”
Lynette Tanner said her “deepest regret” was that she thought they could confine the fire away from the main house. If I had known it would have taken the whole house, I would have gone in full force while it was safe and gotten some family heirlooms belonging to my grandmother and great grandmother and other family heirlooms like our Bible. But I want to praise all the fire departments personnel who responded and worked so hard despite the limitations they had.”
Cothren said Concordia Fire District 2 as well as fire departments from Monterey, Jonesville, Sandy Lake, Tensas and Vidalia responded with water.
"Within minutes we had 25,000 gallons of water on wheels on scene," Cothren said. "Entry was made into the structure several times but had to retreat due to the heat. This structure was 200 years old and the materials used had long since dried out. We managed to save some portraits hanging on the bottom room walls. This was a great loss to our parish as well as to the families involved."
Cothren said the Louisiana State Fire Marshal sent four deputies Friday night to begin trying to piece together what had happened.
"The scene was too hot to work so they came back Sunday morning and again on Monday," Cothren said. "They are looking over evidence to try and determine a cause. I want to thank all that came and assisted and prayed for our guys as we had 2 transported to Riverland. They are both ok.”
The Tanners bought the property back in 1960 and were living in the house.  
"We already knew we had amazing children who are hard-working and dedicated," Lynette said. "They have worked tirelessly helping us through this."
Tanner said the house, with the exception of the kitchen that had been added in 1997, was built in 1815.
"The chimney still stands and if we decide to rebuild we still have some of the original foundation that goes back to the three previous families," Tanner said. "It just crushes me we couldn't save the oldest part of the house."
The fire did not affect the cabins and plantation store that draws tourists.
The Tanners are currently staying at their lake house, Tanner said.

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