The Concordia Parish Police Jury’s net position at the end of the 2018 fiscal year was $17.04 million, according to a financial reported released Monday the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

The certified public accounting firm of Pinell & Martinez of Covington filed the report on the Jury’s behalf.

The report says that the Jury’s “net investment in capital assets is $2,477,023, a decrease of approximately 7.50 percent from December 31, 2017 to December 31, 2018.”

The Jury’s bond debt decreased by $428,815 during the past fiscal year.

Revenues increased by $53,956 in 2018 due primarily to an increase in capital grants. Net position increased by $960,069 due to revenues exceeding expenses.

“The Police Jury's budget was amended quarterly during the last year,” according to the report. “The final budgeted expenditures of the general fund were $1,862,215 and revenues were budgeted at $1,943,918. Actual expenditures, budgetary basis, of the general fund were less than the budgeted amounts by $48,976, approximately 2.56 percent. Revenues were less than budgeted amounts by $76,868, approximately 4.12 percent.”

The report says that the Jury “continued to move forward with projects funded by federal grants. The Concordia Parish Waterworks District is making progress on the CWEF project.

“Lake St. John Waterworks District has applied for a new CWEF grant for funding toward a new software system that will allow residents to check their usage remotely in an effort to report any damage to water lines.

“The GOHSEP and FEMA project #427, referred as the ‘Brushy Bayou Project,’ completed a third party review in 2017. In 2018, efforts were made to complete the scope of work for Phase I and gain approval for continuing to Phase II. A final design has been completed and submitted to the appropriate entities for further review and permitting. The overall project is funded for $4,610,000 to improve drainage through hazard mitigation.

“The courtroom renovation project provided by a FP&C grant continues. The vertical lift providing compliancy with the Americans with Disabilities Act was completed in December of 2018. The courtroom renovations are waiting on technical specifications to be reviewed and approved. The project is funded for $315,000 and the Police Jury is to provide $105,000 of matching funds.

“At the end of 2018, Ad Valorem property taxes increased by approximately 1.07% while parish sales taxes collected also increased by approximately 1.12% from the previous year. In addition, severance taxes received from the state were up 1.05% for the 2018 calendar year.

“However, State Transportation Fund proceeds, which helps support the highway maintenance fund, were down approximately 1% from 2017.

“In 2018, the Police Jury also invested in a GPS system to help with tracking the Police Jury’s vehicles and project performance. The Police Jury also invested in a bulldozer and made plans to purchase

equipment help with drainage in 2019.

“The Police Jury plans to continue applying for allocations for FP&C, LGAP, CWEF, and other grants based on annual funding opportunities.”

In a statement of revenues, expenditures and changes in fund balances in governmental funds, the Jury reported revenue of $6,298,953 and expenditures of $5,238,864, resulting in an excess of operating revenue over expenses of $1,060,089.

The fund balance at the end of the year was $14,340,180.

In salaries during 2018, Jimmy Wilkinson (president) was paid $24,000, while jurors Whest Shirley, Jerry Beatty, Carey Cook, Willie Dunbar, Joe Parker (vice-president), Adam Probst, Red Tiffee and James Jernigan each were paid $19,200. The total amount paid jurors in salaries was $177,600.

The report says the Jury was created by the Legislature in the 1800s and “is the governing body of Concordia Parish outside of the incorporated towns of Vidalia, Ferriday, Ridgecrest and Clayton … Parish is approximately 709 square miles with a population of 20,882 as of the 2010 census.”

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