Riverland Medical Center's board of directors is hoping for some dry weather so construction of the new hospital on the Ferriday-Vidalia Highway can get on track.

"This rain has been amazing," said Riverland Chairman Jim Graves. "It's held us up. But we should be able to get going again. They have laid out the steel and should be beginning slab work. The plumbing and electrical work is mostly completed as far as running through the pad."

Riverland Administrator Sam Ellard said the projection for completion is September of 2020.

"The rain has pushed us back and we don't know the impact yet," Ellard said. "We have monthly meetings with architects and contractors to keep us up to speed and we have one coming up soon."

Riverland had net revenue of $1,450,278 and total expenses of $1,508,854 for a loss of $58,576 for the month of June.

"It was actually a break-even month, but we had some legal fees for the new hospital," Ellard said. "It's an expensive process, but it will be well worth it in the long run."

The board approved a wound care service for the hospital.

The hospital has not had wound care service for the last five years.

"This was an extremely successful program in the past," Ellard said. "We're looking at kicking it off the first week of September and anticipate having it open on Friday."

The board approved polices and procedures for rehab, respiratory therapy, sugary, code of conduct, corporate compliance, infection control, immunizations and administrative and business office.

"That's housekeeping we are required to do," Graves said.

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