The Concordia Parish School Board voted to provide all school employees – teachers and support personnel -- a $1,200 annual pay raise during the board’s regular meeting Thursday, July 11.

The raises will come through new and extended supplements totaling $1.6 million.

At the meeting in June, Board President Raymond Riley advocated that the parish school system raise teacher pay $1,500 yearly and support personnel $1,000.

That’s above a raise the Legislature approved this past session upping teacher pay by $1,000 annually and support personnel $500.

At the July 11 meeting, the board voted to provide local pay raises by renewing what is known as the “November supplement,” which expired on June 30, 2019. The board added $800 to the renewed $1,200 supplement, upping the total amount paid to employees to $2,000 annually.

This funding comes through sales tax collections.

Funding for the renewal of the present November supplement totals $811,980 while the new additional cost is $541,329, amounting to $1,353,300 total, according to Director of Business Affairs Tom O’Neal.

Secondly, the board agreed to provide an additional $400 in supplements per employee to be paid in increments of $200 in March and May. Funding for this will come through the Employee Home Fund, O’Neal said.

He said this will cost the school system $270,660.

The Finance Committee recommended renewing and upping the November supplement from $800 to $1200. Committee members include Lisette Forman, Warren Enterkin and Fred Butcher, chairman.

The Building and Grounds Committee recommended the additional $400. Serving on that committee are John Bostic, Derrick Carson and Riley, chairman.

Board members took several minutes discussing the proposed raises and how to provide the funding.

The school system presently employs 524, including 318 certified and 206 non-certified, according to O’Neal.

In other action, on Carson’s request the board agreed to have its attorney review the contract for bus transportation with Durham School Services.

The present contract was executed in 2010 with a five-year extension provided per contract in 2013 and a second extension granted in 2018.

Carson questioned whether the contract was binding and asked that the board attorney review it.

Superintendent Whest Shirley said the estimated annual cost for 30 bus routes handled by Durham is $1,137,000. He said the current year projection is $1,150,000.

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