Water quality issues in Ridgecrest are being addressed after Concordia Parish Police Jury President Jimmy Wilkinson declared a state of emergency today.

In recent weeks, Ridgecrest residents have complained about brown colored water that has stained clothes, bathtubs and sinks.

Many have posted on social media, expressing fear for children’s safety and their personal safety in using the water.

Ridgecrest Mayor Robert Maples, who was out of town today, told the Sentinel via telephone that he could not comment until he was updated on this morning’s developments.

Wilkinson said he received a number of calls Tuesday night relating to the water conditions, including one call from an elderly woman on a fixed income who was unable to buy water.

He said an emergency declaration has been declared and that water buffalos and bottled water would be provided to Ridgecrest residents today.

“The Louisiana Rural Water Association is here the lines are being flushed,” Wilkinson said. “This will take some time and will have to be done daily.”

“The water is horrible,” he said. “No one should have to drink that or bathed in it. It breaks my heart to see conditions like that.”

He said the Police Jury would do all it could to help the town.

Additionally, Ridgecrest’s Town Clerk Dorothy Evans announced via Facebook that she has resigned. She served as clerk for six years.

In a lengthy post, she said she was frustrated by the inaction of certain aldermen concerning Ridgecrest’s problems.

“What frustrates me the most is everyone wants to be the hero, but the heroes are never in the spotlight that you crave,” Evans said. “Heroes are the ones that do what is needed when no one is watching or no one even knows about it.”

Evans ended her post with this statement:

“Sincerely, one tired, exhausted town clerk P.S. I quit.”

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