Holding Court

Delta Charter girls coach Ron Ellis looks over work being done in the school's gym.

Delta Charter girls basketball coach Ron Ellis played on wood floors as a standout at Vidalia High and Grambing.

When Ellis arrived as girls basketball coach at Delta Charter in 2014, the former Huntington gym had a rubber floor. Ellis has served as boys, girls coach the past five years, serving as both at times.

That will change this upcoming school year as the Delta Charter gym is being installed with a wooden floor.

“I’m like a kid at Christmas,” Ellis said.

The gym floor is being installed by Sports Floors Inc., of Memphis. 

New goals, more lighting, a scoreboard only two years old, and plans to redo the wall behind the scorer’s table in the gym also will be completed by the time the first school bell rings next month.

“The hard part to me, even though I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it step by step is waiting for it to be completed,” said Jimmy Comeaux,  principal for grades 6-12 at DCS. “I’’m an impatient person.”

Comeaux said the gym work is being done to continue to give Delta Charter its own identity.

“The gym is the focal part of your schools, it’s where most activities are held,” he said. “We just want something the folks can be proud of. It was time for a facelift and time to get this school up to par to where we want it to be.”

Delta Charter Central Office Administrator Monica Miller said she is excited to see the facelift.

“I’ve been here since the beginning, so I am so excited to see improvements still being made at DC,” Miller said. “It’s going to make the gym a much brighter and better place for events, assemblies and other functions.”

Work started on the floor last month and will take six-to-eight weeks when completed.

“The kids are going to have more pride in their gym floor,” Ellis said. “We would go places and they would be intimidated by their gym and say they wished we had that. Well now there are no excuses.”

Ellis said the new wood floor will also benefit his players in the long run.

“That rubber floor was hard on shins and knees,” he said. “Rubber is not as hard as concrete, but it’s the next level. It was not good to play on that floor for a long period of time. And our players could tell the difference after a game playing on our home court and someone else’s.”

Ellis said the gym work has hindered his summer workouts.

“I’ll take that sacrifice,” he said.

Elllis said he can’t wait until the project is complete.

“There’s nothing like playing on a wood court,” he said. “I love walking into a gym and seeing a wood floor.”



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