Pressure D

Ferriday defensive end Vincent Hollis battles Roosevelt Davis to knock down a pass by Ferriday head coach Stanley Smith.

Vidalia High first-year head football coach Rob Faircloth had his team out in T-shirt and shorts Monday as the heat index reached 110 degrees.

“The heat is on — literally,” Faircloth said. “After each exchange we’re taking water breaks and have water set up all over the place.”

Ferriday High head coach Stanley Smith cut his practice time back.

“After a while they just hit a wall,” Smith said. “But we still have to get them acclimated to the heat. It’s going to be hot until November.”

Delta Charter head coach Blake Wheeler said the heat has been brutal.

“We were having to stop for water breaks every 15 minutes,” Wheeler said. “You don’t really realize how much water you lose during the course of a practice. And we have so many going both ways that we have to get them used to the heat. It’s a fine line between pushing them too hard and not enough.”

Smith has six returning on offense and defense from teams that reached the semifinals the last two years.

“We’ve got some experience, although we have some new guys up front,” Smith said. “They are bigger than what we have, but have to learn the scheme. We’re trying to do things fast, but also do them the right way.”

Ferriday is without a jamboree after they were not invited back to the Eddie Robinson Classic. The Trojans will compete in a scrimmage at Wossman with Washington-Marion and Huntington of Shreveport.

“That may have to be our jamboree,” Smith said. “I really hate we are not able to play in one. It’s a great dress rehearsal. But we’ll just have to be ready for the season-opener (at Alexandria). It is what it is. But we also hate losing out on the money made playing in a jamboree.”

Faircloth said he is glad to have school in session, with the first full day on Monday.

“There are no more excuses to miss,” Faircloth said. “I am super glad to have school back in.”

Vidalia will travel to Buckeye on August 23 for a scrimmage with Buckeye and LaSalle.

Wheeler said his team is making progress on the practice field.

“Practice is going real well,” he said. “I’ve been able to run the scout team and spend more time with the overall team with our new coaches.”

Wheeler said the younger players must step up this year.

“They have the chance to be a starter, and definitely will be needed to give a starter a chance to rest,” he said. 

Delta Charter will host Block August 22 in a scrimmage at 6 p.m.

The Storm will travel to Bastrop on August 30 for a jamboree against Beekman Charter.



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