Ace in the Hole

Billy Freeman stands with his wife, Odessa.

A hole in one in golf is a rare occurrence.

Billy Freeman of Ferriday doubled that last week at Panola Woods Country Club.

Freeman, 66, had a hole in one on hole No. 3 on Monday, August 19, and then aced hole No. 3 again two days later.

Freeman and his wife, Odessa, were playing golf with Pat and Cathy Hinson and Paul and Connie Patterson.

Freeman's first hole-in-one came Monday afternoon on the 164-yard No. 3. He was using a four-iron.

"I hit it right in front and someone playing with us said they thought it went in," Freeman said. "I said, 'naw, it probably went to the back.' We walked up there and sure enough it was in the hole."

Freeman, whose only other hole in one was at Panola Woods in 2003, said the next day he eagled hole No. 1.

Then on Wednesday, August 21, Freeman did the unthinkable.

"I hit the same 4-iron, it was the same pin placemen and it went in the hole," Freeman said. "That's a rarity to hit one, so I was really shocked."

Long-time Panola Woods golfer Wayne Miley said he doesn’t know of anyone hitting two hole in ones in three days at Panola Woods.

“I don’t think it’s ever happened,” Miley said. “Especially in that length of time. We’re excited for Billy.”

Freeman, who is retired and plays golf about four times a week, said it didn't take long for his feat to sink in, however.

"I played in the Fuss n Cuss this past weekend and didn't hit a single green," he said. "So it sank in pretty quick then."






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