The Winnsboro Dixie all-star boys baseball 9/10 year old teams are district champs.

The all-star team was bumped by the EORD in the first round and had to battle their way through a tough bracket to get a chance to play for the title.

Winnsboro was edged by EORD in the first game 5-4.  EORD struck first scoring two in the first and adding one point in the second, fourth and sixth innings.

Winnsboro fought hard to catch up scoring one in the first, second, fourth and fifth innings.

Gavin Griffing led the way for Winnsboro offensively with three singles.

Eli Cottingham had two singles and scored in the fifth inning during the matchup.

Keller Bradley, Connor Toller and Jacolby Brooks each had a single for Winnsboro. Bradley scored in the first, and Toller scored in the fourth.

Cade Hankins was the starting pitcher for Winnsboro against EORD. Hankins put in three innings and recorded two strike outs.

Griffing pitched two innings in relief and had three strike outs against EORD.

Kaiden Seals finished the game with one inning and one strike out.

Winnsboro 17 - Delhi 2

Winnsboro recovered nicely in the second round overcoming Delhi 17-2.

Winnsboro had a huge 12 run inning in the third to put the game away. The all-stars also scored three in the first and two in the second inning.

Bradley led his team offensively with two singles and double for the game. He scored twice in the third inning.

Cottingham, Conner and Jaxson Perry had two singles each for Winnsboro. Cottington scored twice in the third and Conner and Perry scored once each in the third.

Griffing, Brooks, Luke Barfield and Cade Hankins had a single each against Delhi. Griffing scored in the first and twice in the third. Brooks scored in the second and the third while Barfield and Hankins both scored in the third.

Bradley was the starting pitcher for Winnsboro. He lasted two innings on the mound and fanned three Delhi players.

Griffing closed the game with one inning and struck out two.

Winnsboro 8 - Mangham 7

With momentum going their way, Winnsboro would face Mangham next and was the victor.

With the scored tied at three going into the second, Winnsboro bat’s started to heat up as the team put four more points on the board. Mangham only managed an additional score  in the second and third.

Once again, Bradley led the way offensively with a single and a double against Mangham. He would also score in the first after he hit his double.

Additionally, Cottingham had a strong game offensively going three-for-three in the leadoff position. He also scored in the second inning.

Griffing slapped two singles in the contest and scored in the first inning.

Toller, Jaxson and Barfield contributed with a single each.

Cottingham put in four innings on the mound for Winnsboro. He notched seven strike outs.

Bradley pitched three innings and had three strike outs.

Winnsboro 13 - Rayville 3

Winnsboro kept working in the tournament. Next team they faced was Rayville in which they played five innings.

Winnsboro would score one in the first, second and fourth innings but would break it open in the fifth inning by scoring nine runs.

Cottingham, Griffing, Toller and Bradley would hit two singles each against Rayville.

Perry, Dickson, Barfield and Olivier would smoke a single each.

Hankins pitched one inning and recorded one strike out.

Bradley pitched four innings each in relief and fanned five Rayville players.

Winnsboro 10 - EORD 3

Winnsboro 9/10 All-Stars proved lightening does not strike twice in the same place as they faced their first round foe EORD. This time, Winnsboro came out on top as they beat EORD 10-3.

Winnsboro scored three in the first, four in the fourth, two in the fifth and one in the sixth.  EORD only scored three in the third inning.

Keller hit a double and a single for Winnsboro against EORD. He also scored in the first, third and fifth inning.

Toller went three-for-three at the plate with three singles. He also scored three times for Winnsboro.

Cade Hankins smoked a double in the contest and was the sole score in the sixth inning.

Perry and Dickson hit a single each in the matchup.

Defensively, Hankins pitched three innings for Winnsboro. He notched two strikeouts.

Griffing contributed with two innings on the mound and recorded two strike outs.

Seals had one inning and one strike out.

Winnsboro 8 -

West Carroll 4

Winnsboro would have to face West Carroll twice to win the district championship.

In one matchup Winnsboro bested West Carroll 8-4.

It was a team effort in the bullpen for Winnsboro.

Griffing was the starting pitcher for Winnsboro. He pitched one inning and had two strike outs.

Cottingham then would be on the mound for two innings. While on the mound, he would record four strike outs.

Bradley pitched two innings and had four strike outs while Hankins had a strong showing with one inning and three strike outs.

Offensively, Bradley had the big hit of the game for Winnsboro with a triple in the first inning. He would later score.

Cottingham went three-for-three in the contest with two singles and a double.

Griffing would slap a double against West Carroll. He would score in the first.

Toller had two singles and scored in the sixth inning.

Perry, Kaiden Sears and Brooks had a single each for Winnsboro.

Winnsboro 22 -

West Carroll 5

Winnsboro would hit and continue to hit until the dust settled and they were the winners 22-5 over West Carroll. Winnsboro scored 17 runs in the third inning.

Seals pitched two of the three innings in the matchup. He recorded three strike outs.

Cottingham spent one inning on the mound and had two strike outs.

Cottingham also led the way offensively with three singles and a double. He scored a whopping three times in the third inning.

Griffing and Toller had three singles each. Griffing scored twice in the third and Toller scored once in the first and twice in the third.

Dickson hit a double and single against West Carroll. He also scored once in the first and twice in the third.

Bradley, Perry and Barfield hit two singles each for Winnsboro. Bradley scored once in the third. Perry scored twice in the third and Barfield scored in the first and third.

Against West Carroll, Hankins smoked  a double and scored twice in the third.

Olivier contributed with a single and scored twice in the third.

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