ARM slips past Citizens in 9/10 baseball action

COOPER OLIVIER, of Fox’s Pizza, slides into base safely as ARM’s pitcher, Gavin Griffing tries to apply the tag. (Sun photo by Monica Huff)

Agriculture Resource Management beat Citizens in a close matchup 5-4 in 9/10 year old Dixie Youth baseball.

Kaden Burrier was the starting pitcher for ARM. Burrier recorded three strike outs for his team.

Also pitching for ARM in the April 11 contest was Gavin Griffing. Griffing lasted four innings on the mound and record 11 strike outs.

Jaxson Perry hit a home run in the first and scored twice for ARM.

Additionally, Burrier, Griffing and Cole Bailey scored for ARM. Bailey also hit a single in the third inning.

Starting pitcher for Citizens was Eli Cottingham. He put in two innings of work on the mound and struck out six ARM players.

Grant Thompson and Beau Guy had an inning each for Citizens. Guy recorded two strike outs.

Grant Thompson hit a single in the first inning against ARM.

Chase Parker, Jacolby Brooks, Guy and Cottingham had one score each for Citizens.

ARM 7 – Caldwell Bank 6

Gavin Griffing and Cole Bailey doubled for Agricultural Resource Management to help beat Caldwell Bank 7-6 on April 15.

Starting pitcher for ARM was Kaden Burrier. Burrier put in one inning on the mound and struck out one batter.

Griffing pitched three innings and struck out six.

Jaxson Perry, Griffing, Bailey, Tobie Matthews and Jackson Lawhorn scored once for ARM.

Burrier scored twice for his team in the matchup.

Starting pitcher for Caldwell Bank was Kagan Barfield. Barfield went two innings and struck out four.

Connie Toler pitched one inning for Caldwell Bank and struck out one.

Jackson Jarrett had the sole hit for Caldwell Bank.

Braylen Jackson and Conner Tolar each scored twice against ARM.

Hayden Lee and Tripp Williams each scored once in the game.

Fox’s 5 - ARM 0

Fox’s shut ARM out in a contest played April 19.

Starting pitcher for Fox’s was Colton Lindsey. Lindsey went two innings and struck out five ARM players.

Pitching two innings of relief was Keller Bradley. Bradley struck out four while on the mound.

Bradley also helped his cause during the contest by hitting a double and scoring in the first inning.

Starting pitcher for ARM was Kaden Burrier. Burrier had two strike outs against Fox’s.

Jaxson Perry put in one inning of work on the mound for ARM and recorded one strike out.  Perry also had one hit in the game.

Gavin Griffing also pitched one inning and had two strike outs. Griffing had one hit in the game.

Pitching one inning for ARM and striking one Fox’s player out was Jack Lawhorn.

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