Naomi Cordill

NAOMI CORDILL, Co-Chair for Winnsboro’s Cleanest City Contest, addresses the Town Council in a Jan. 22 meeting. (Sun photo by Joe Curtis)

A Community Trash Bash will be held March 9, 8 a.m. to noon beginning at the Winnsboro Gazebo in preparation for the Louisiana Garden Club Federation Cleanest City Contest. Rain schedule for the Trash Bash is March 16.

Participating towns, including Winnsboro, will be judged one day during the period of March 20, 21 and 22.

“Normally, the Cleanest City Contest is the first and second week in April,” said Naomi Cordill, Cleanest City Contest Committee Co-Chair. Martha Burnside is the additional Chair for the Contest.

The change of date is because of Easter, Cordill said.

Along with the Trash Bash, there will be a pick up for large items March 4, 5 and 6.

On March 18 and 19, businesses on Highway 15 and in town will be asked to clean their storefronts and backs.

Businesses are also asked to add flowers to any containers located on their storefront and business signs to state: “Welcome LGCF Cleanest City Judges!”

 “We have a long entrance from the north side (of town) down to our walking paths,” Cordill said. “I was shocked to find out in a DOT report that somewhere between 45,000 to 50,000 cars pass through our highway daily.”

With the amount of traffic passing through Winnsboro, Codrill said trash will be thrown from vehicles.

Cordill said she wants to make a thorough effort to keep Highway 15 through Winnsboro clean, but admits it will take a group effort from the town’s residents.

“It takes a village, which includes our children and students too,” Cordill said.

The judging route will be from the North Welcome sign to the Windmill on US Hwy 15, and areas including West Prairie and Adams Streets, the Farmers Market on Adams Street, in front of Winnsboro Elementary on Warren Street and the area behind City Hall.

Louisiana Garden Club Federation member, The Garden Gate Study Club, is the sponsoring garden club for the LGCF Cleanest City Contest.

When the actual date for Winnsboro’s judging is announced everyone is asked to pick up trash and cigarette butts as they are out and about in preparation for the judges’ arrival.

While speaking at the regular January Winnsboro Town Council meeting, Cordill asked each council member to choose two representatives from their district to form a committee to discuss various beautification projects and local needs.

“We felt it is very important for all of our citizens to get involved in keeping our town clean,” Cordill said. “We want your representatives to tell the mayor and the beautification committee what they see needs attention and what beautification they want from their district.”

Winnsboro Mayor Sonny Dumas seconded Cordill’s statement.

“This is what we are asking you to do,” Dumas said to the council members and audience. “Each district is to have a representative to say what we need to do. It is time for us to make a change. It is time for us to get up and get out and make a difference. All of the areas need to be involved.”


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