FA delivers strong performance against CCA

TRACE MCCURLEY, #7 with the Cougars, breaks through CCA’s line to gain positive yards Friday night in Winnsboro. (Sun photo by Joe Curtis)

The Franklin Academy Cougars came away victors Friday night with an impressive win against Collegiate Christian Academy, 62-28.

The contest was highlighted by some big runs, two kickoff returns for touchdowns and a strong defensive effort from FA.

CCA outsized FA, but the size difference did not stop the Cougars as they played their first regular season game before a packed house in Winnsboro.

“We done what we were suppose to do,” said Head Coach Bubba Ezell. “We got some great athletes on the team, and they are hard to stop in space.”

The first half saw both teams hold each other to a 8-6 FA favor, but the scoring floodgates opened in the second half. FA showed home fans an explosive scoring display in the third quarter as the Cougars pulled away from CCA.

The offensive onslaught was led by FA’s three quarterback rotation of Trace McCurley, Eli Smith and Robbie MaGee. The trio had a solid performance and threw no interceptions in the game.

Defensively, FA notched several sacks and blocked a punt in the fourth quarter. The defense was also stingy in passing and allowed CCA to complete only three receptions in the game.

Franklin Academy has a chance to fine tune their program as they enter a bye week. After the bye week, the Cougars will play host to Briarfield Academy out of Lake Providence.

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