FP Junior Varsity Homecoming Court

FRANKLIN PARISH JUNIOR HIGH Homecoming Court for 2019 is: Lexi Collie (Fort Queen), Madelyn Hilliard (Gilbert Queen), Alayna Rodriquez (Baskin Queen), Alexa Cheek (Gilbert Football Sweetheart), Christina Gary (Fort Football Sweetheart), Cheyanne Richmond (Baskin Football Sweetheart), Lexi DeBleiux (Baskin Eighth Grade Maid), Jessalyn Williamson (Baskin Eighth Grade Maid), Britney Dupre (Fort Eighth Grade Main), Ny’Ny’ Singleton (Fort Eighth Grade Maid), Ernireya Cameron (Gilbert Eighth Grade Maid), Alasia Williams (Gilbert Eighth Grade Maid), Kee’Miya Bass (Fort Seventh Grade Maid), Kerrigan Ezell (Fort Seventh Grade Maid), Caroline Grant (Fort Seventh Grade Maid), Karley Ferrington (Gilbert Seventh Grade Maid), Micah Haring (Gilbert Seventh Grade Maid),  Kennedy Robinson (Gilbert Seventh Grade Maid), Mattie Flint (Baskin Seventh Grade Maid), Zabriah Johnson (Baskin Seventh Maid), Decambriel Norman (Baskin Seventh Grade Maid), Shakayla Addison (Fort Sixth Grade Maid), Maddison Campbell (Fort Sixth Grade Maid), Michaiah Robinson (Fort Sixth Grade Maid), Shanya Harpster (Baskin Sixth Grade Maid), Ariel Johnson (Baskin Sixth Grade Maid) Zamaya Winn (Baskin Sixth Grade Maid), Karley Curtis (Gilbert Sixth Grade Maid), Spencer Ellerbe (Gilbert Sixth Maid), Autumn Spinks (Gilbert Sixth Grade Maid). (Submitted photo)

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