Sonic’s lead off batter Cade Gallagher started the game with a home run against Fussell on May 28.

Gallagher sent the ball past the left field wall into the neighboring t-ball field. Sonic never relinquished the lead as they beat Fussell 8-3.

Sonic had a big first inning as Chase McMurray, Garrett Hunt, Jeb Rials, Michael Ramshur and Brett Austin all scored.

Fussell also started hot as the first three batters, Laylen Blackmon, Kaiden Liles and Matthew Cooper, scored.  Liles and Cooper would hit singles in the contest.

But, this would be the only time Fussell players would cross home plate in the matchup.

Offensively for Sonic, Austin would hit two doubles.

Owen McDonald and Ramshur would hit a double and a single during the game.

Hunt hit a double and McMurray hit a single against Fussell.

Starting pitcher for Sonic was Michael Ramshur. He faced five batters in 2/3 inning.

Pitching in relief was Garrett Hunt. He completed 3 1/3 inning and recorded eight strike outs.

Starting pitcher for Fussell was Nate Cooper. He last 2/3 inning for his team.

Kaiden Liles pitched 2 1/2 inning for struck two Sonic players out.

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