Woodmen of the World overcame an early lead by Franklin State Bank to win 5-3 in 11-12 year Dixie Baseball action.

FSB got on the board early May 20 as they scored two runs in the first to take the lead over WOW.

Tabor Jonathan and Luke Nichols scored in the first for FSB. Nichols would go two-for-two in the contest with a double and a single and would also score in the third for his team.

WOW would eventually overcome the deficient scoring most of their runs in the third inning.

Helping the scoring were Laken Bradley and Trip Reeves by hitting singles in the third inning. Bradley would also score in the third.

Bradley was starting pitcher for WOW. He went 2 1/3 innings and struck out seven players.

Reeves would also pitch a 1/3 of an inning in the game, and Rylan Thomas contributed 1 1/3 innings and struck out three.

Tabor was starting pitcher for FSB. He put in one inning of work on the mound and had three strike outs.

Nichols pitched two innings for FSB and struck three WOW players out.

Hunter Caldwell got one inning of mound action and had three strike outs.

Sonic 4 – WOW 3

The first three out of four WOW batters scored but would remain quiet for the rest of the game against Sonic.

Sonic would recover and beat WOW 4-3 in a matchup played May 21.

WOW led until the third inning as Sonic would score three.

Garrett Hunt had a big game at the plate for Sonic. Hunt hit a double and scored in the first, an over-the-fence homerun in the third and a double in the fifth.

Chase McMurray and Caden Gallagher hit singles for Sonic. Gallagher also scored in the third.

Thomas Rylan had a solid game offensively for WOW. Rylan hit a double and single in the game.

Dillan Carraway and Mark Nobles had a single each for WOW.

Michael Ramshur was starting pitcher for Sonic. He put in two innings of work and struck out one.

Hunt put in relief duties on the mound. Along with a superb offensive performance, Hunt had a strong performance on the mound as he struck out six WOW players in two innings.

Lake Bradley was tapped starting pitcher in the contest for WOW. Bradley put in one inning of work and recorded one strikeout.

Chandler Olivier pitched 1 2/3 innings and had three strikeouts.

Rylan Thomas put in one inning on the mound and had three strikeouts.

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