The following arrests were recorded at the Franklin Parish Detention Center between July 22-29, 2019.

Tevin J. White, 28, 7041 Prairie Road, Apt. 1, Winnsboro--computer aided solicitation of minor, indecent behavior with a juvenile.

Kenterrius R. Kelly, 21, 36 Lake Dr., Monroe--aggravated assault with a firearm.

Rodickes R. Wallace, 22, 2017 Baldwin Dr., Winnsboro--aggravated assault with a firearm.

Calvin R. Hollis, 38, 1808 Peters St., Winnsboro--aggravated assault with a firearm, illegal, carrying of a weapon.

Devon M. Hill, 17, 1701 Peters St., Winnsboro--aggravated assault with a firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon.

Tiffany A. Doyle, 30, 1437 Hwy. 865, Winnsboro--two counts of theft.

Floydrick D. Jackson, 32, 125 Garden St., Winnsboro--aggravated assault.

Fredrick R. McDaniel, 51, 1403 Maple St., Winnsboro--theft, trespassing.

Brandon L. Kelly, 26, 2201 Mike St., Winnsboro--aggravated assault with a firearm, city ordinance violation.

David L. Smith, 28, 812 Mullican Road, Baskin--aggravated assault with a firearm.

Latart V. Baker, 44, 607 Carver St., Winnsboro--theft of goods.

Cornelius T. Williams, 28, 138 St. Mary, Winnsboro--disturbing the peace, theft.

Quinterrious D. Williams, 22, 138 St. Mary St., Winnsboro--disturbing the peace.

Latoya D. Caston, 36, Monroe--two counts failure to appear.

Ledarrius S. Thompson, 18, 117 Andrea St., Winnsboro--disturbing the peace.

Trevor A. Matthews, 22, 330 Ashley Loop, Winnsboro--simple battery, disturbing the peace.

Hubert Williams, 54, 612 East Pecan Ave., Bastrop--open container, disturbing the peace.

Shandon K. Johnson, 22, 122 Colonial Dr., Wisner--drunkenness-disturbing the peace, resisting an officer by giving false information, resisting an officer.

Brandon D. Jones, 24, 1029 MLK Dr., Winnsboro--simple battery.

Shedrick R. Jones, 30, 2005 Harvey St., Winnsboro--aggravated assault.

Michael W. Robinson, 34, 917 Cumberland Std., Metairie--simple assault.

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