The following arrests were recorded at the Franklin Parish Detention Center between Sept. 23-30, 2019.

Dennis C. Twiner, 47, 296 Rabbit Ln., Gilbert--access device fraud.

John T. Mooney, 22, 114 Bud Hilbun Rd., Baskin--aggravated flight from an officer, failure to stop or yield, driving under suspension, resisting an officer, reckless operation.

Jarvis M. Grant, 29, 1609 Hickory St., Winnsboro--child support, stalking, theft, domestic abuse battery, two counts distribution/manufacturing/possession Schedule I with intent, intimidate/impede/injure witness or officers, second degree battery, aggravated assault, criminal damage less than $500.

Johntrell J. Jordan, 30, 150 Field Dr., Wisner--trespassing, aggravated assault.

Damarius D. McDaniel, 27, 1317 Havard St., Winnsboro--disturbing the peace.

Pamela A. Armstrong, 53, 309 Carter St., Winnsboro--theft.

DeBrandon M. Bell, 30, 1705 Harlem St., Winnsboro--failure to appear.

Edward L. Hall, 57, 900 South 8th St., Monroe--bank fraud.

Leyland E. Ensminger, 43, 220 Garball Rd., Winnsboro--failure to appear, probation violation, child support.

Michael G. Robinson, 38, 226 Carter St., Winnsboro--domestic abuse battery, driving under suspension, following to close.

Palantric J. Dupas, 51, 153 Royal St., Winnsboro--disturbing the peace.

William S. Ross, 40, 3300 Earle Dr., Winnsboro--theft.

Lakendrick M. Modique, 24, 125 Avis St., Winnsboro--simple battery.

Teneille McDaniel, 38, 1317 Havard St., Winnsboro--theft.

Jairick Lewis, 25, 2254 71st Ave., Baton Rouge--introduction of contraband into penal institution.

Nathan L. Majors, 40, 1305 Hunter St., Winnsboro--domestic violence/simple battery.

Eric D. Cook, 37, 1038 Martin Luther King Dr., Winnsboro--domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace.

Asia T. Fleming, 19, 1108 Lavender Dr., Winnsboro--driving under suspension, simple battery, improper lane use, speeding 11-20 miles over limit.

Veronica R. Valdez, 29, 1038 Martin Luther King Dr., Winnsboro--domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace.

William L. Johnson, 18, 1385 Hwy. 577, Winnsboro--trespassing, flight from an officer, drunkenness-disturbing the peace.

Charles H. Green, 53, 91 Cook Road, Delhi--drunkenness-disturbing the peace.

Robert J. Bonner, 30, 561 Payne Rd., Winnsboro--domestic abuse battery.

Cole J. Sellner, 29, 201 East 2nd St., Cyrus, MN--two counts theft.

Aubrey D. Mcarter, 28, 1109 Elam Woods Rd., Winnsboro--possession of CDS Schedule II with intent to distribute, driving under suspension, no insurance, illegal spot lighting.

Debbie Mize, 58, 921 Warsaw Loop, Delhi--improper lights, improper lane use, possession of CDS II, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice, expired driver's license.

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