Abandoned Vehicles

Owners of abandoned vehicles may soon face fines if they do not take action to remove them from the city limits of Wisner.

The announcement was made at Wisner Town Council’s regular meeting Aug. 8.

“We are going to try to work with people,” said Mayor Marc McCarty in a Monday interview. “We’re going to give them time, but we are requiring them to clean their property up.”

Owner’s will be given this month before official letters will be mailed out and citations will begin to be written, McCarty said.

Along with the effort to alleviate abandoned vehicles, Wisner has been cracking down on unkept yards during the summer months.

Wisner officials have relied on an ordinance passed last August stating if the property owner’s grass exceeded 18 inches, a request to mow their property in the form of a letter would be mailed to them.

If there is no response after 10 days the Town of Wisner will mow the property at a cost to the owners. The cost is broke down as follows: 7,500 square feet will be $200; 7,501 to 11,501 will be $250; 11,501 to 15,150 will be $300; 15,151 to an acre will be $350. Any property over an acre will be $400 per acre.

On another front, a major water leak in the main supply line has been repaired, McCarty said. The leak happened in June and lowered water levels in the tower putting Wisner under a boil water notice.

Due to the leak, Wisner had to tie into South Bayou Macon Water System.

Wisner officials started flushing water lines Monday. After the lines are flushed, the Louisiana Department of Health will test the water.

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