Contractors have a start date of July 15 on the Boggy Bayou project, said Cinnamon Gooding with McManus Consulting Engineers of Monroe.

The announcement was made at a Franklin Parish Policy Jury public works committee meeting June 5.

The project entails cleaning and removing debris, grading, reshaping the channel and replacing culverts. W.L. Bass Construction of Monroe was awarded the $767,215 project at the Police Jury’s regular meeting May 9.

The focal point of the project will go through Abe Lincoln subdivision, Gooding said.

On another front, police juror’s are requesting more money from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to start Phase I of the Turkey Creek Dam project.

With estimated cost of Phase I at $500,000, the $180,000 awarded from FEMA would not cover Phase I even with a 25 percent match coming from the Police Jury.

“FEMA wants to go ahead and award Phase I for funding, but there is not enough funds,” Gooding said. “We are still trying to find other avenues to fund the match.”

The Turkey Creek project’s total cost is $3 million and calls for cleaning and removing debris, grading, reshaping the channel, replacing culverts and refurbishing the levee.

Meanwhile, the public works committee reviewed an Entergy map highlighting a proposed new transmission power line starting at Dunn community, traveling through the Piney Woods community and ending in Winnsboro near La. Hwy 17.

“We’re going to try to stay off residential roads as much as we can,” said Entergy representative Wes Tatum.

The new line will cross 14 parish roads and construction of the power line will begin in July.

In other business, Police Jurors are reviewing garbage collection specifications to begin advertising for bids after deciding not to renew their contract with Waste Connections of Louisiana.

Numerous complaints of Waste Connections not adhering to pick up schedules and leaving trash from parish residents have led police jurors to seek new companies for parish garbage collection services.

In September, the troubled relationship with the Police Jury and Waste Connections of Louisiana came to a head after the garbage collection company sent notification it will no longer service businesses, churches or schools without a large garbage container unless its service agreement is renegotiated.

Waste Connections of Louisiana eventually resended its negotiation efforts after numerous phone conversations with police jurors and hiring new management.

The Police Jury entered into a five-year contract with Waste Connections of Louisiana in 2009. Since the completion of the initial contract, renewals have been reviewed and approved on an annual basis.

The Police Jury will meet at its regular meeting Thursday night at 5 p.m. at the Franklin Parish Courthouse.

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