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The Northeast Soil and Water Conservation District showed total assets of $82,313, according to a Louisiana Legislative audit report released in late December.

Additionally, the audit report showed $10,880 in liabilities for the district.

Northeast Soil and Water Conservation District’s expenditures were $52,622 which was $1,828 lower than the budgeted amount of $54,450.

The audit showed revenues for the organization in 2018 being $56,639.

The Northeast Soil and Water Conservation District, whose office is located in Winnsboro, is a state-funded entity that works with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), said Judy Mackey, district secretary.

The organization provides technical consultation and planning assistance to help land owners in their natural resource management.

“We are here for the people such as farmers who are looking for assistance in conservation programs,” Mackey said.

The district also has tools such as flow meters to monitor flow in irrigation pipes and hog pens if the land owner has a “hog problem,” Mackey said.

The district also employs technicians who help with program monitoring such as the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

CRP is administered by the Farm Service Agency. In the CRP program, a farmer or landowner receives yearly rental payments by agreeing to remove “environmentally sensitive land” from agricultural production and plant species such as trees that will improve the environmental quality. Contracts for land enrolled in CRP are 10-15 years in length.

Along with CRP, Northeast Soil and Water Conservation District provides financial assistance through cost-share, easements, grants and stewardship payments with NRCS.

The five board members of Northeast Soil and Water Conservation District are Greg Kincaid, Edward Ashley Peters, Jerry Robinson, Charles M. Watson and Drew Wiggers.

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