Franklin Medical Center posted some $32 million in net operating revenues year-to-date, according to budget numbers released at the Board of Commissioners regular meeting Thursday.

Net operating revenue for the month of April was some $2.9 million, $863,000 more than last year at this time and $283,000 more than budget.

For the year, net operating revenue was some $32 million, up from last year’s total of some $29.3 million.

“That was a significant increase,” said Billy Page, chief financial officer of Franklin Medical Center. “We are $350,000 over budget in operating revenue.”

Total operating expenses were some $32.9 million up from $31.6 million from last year and total non-operating income was some $1.3 million year-to-date, according to budget numbers.

On another front, Franklin Medical Center employees will now participate in an “in-service fair” which features a streamlined presentation of past in-service orientations.

“We took the old topics and basically stripped them down to what was needed,” said Franklin Medical Center administrator Blake Kramer.

Booths were set up in front of Franklin Medical Center and employees visited each booth. Employees took less than an hour to complete the in-service, Kramer said.

“(The original in-service) was not very efficient,” Kramer said. “We had a lot of people that did not properly engage their annual in-service. We tried to do it all on-line but that was even worse, so we were looking at a new way to do this.”

Kramer called the in-service orientation a success.

“So far, 90 percent of the feedback is very positive,” Kramer said. “Everybody seems to enjoy this a lot more than the other.”

Page developed the current in-service from past experiences at other facilities, Kramer said.

“What we were doing wasn’t working,” Kramer said. “I think we were overloading employees with a lot of information.”

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