School renovations

CREWS FROM Gentry Construction work to prepare Fort Necessity School parking lot for improvements. Additionally, Gentry Construction is located at the Winnsboro Elementary campus with crews performing renovations to the gym and parking lot. (Sun photo by Joe Curtis)

Gentry Construction was low bidder for renovation projects at Franklin Parish High School’s band room and gymnasium hallway.

The low bid was awarded at a Franklin Parish School board special meeting June 13.

Gentry Construction was the same company that performed the renovations at Crowville and Baskin schools and are currently working on Winnsboro Elementary and Fort Necessity schools.

“We held this special meeting because we wanted to go ahead and get started and maybe they will be finished by the time school starts, said Franklin Parish School Superintendent Lanny Johnson. “We will save two or three weeks by voting for it today.”

Gentry Construction won the band room renovation with a low bid of $243,000.

Plans for Franklin Parish High School band room renovations call for installation of new lights, carpet and refurbish instrument storage containers.

Refurbishing the hallway bathrooms and “dressing up” the hallway in front of Franklin Parish High School gymnasium was included in the bid specs, Johnson said.

Currently, Gentry Construction is overlaying Winnsboro Elementary and Fort Necessity schools parking lots and beginning the refurbishment of the gyms.

“This winds us up (the renovation bids) with the exception if we want to do more projects if we have money left over,” Johnson said.

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