Tensas Parish Police Jury audit

Assets for the Tensas Parish Police Jury exceeded liabilities by $7,653,101 in 2018, according to a financial report compiled by CPA Silas Simmons LLP of Natchez and released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Expenditures exceeded total revenues by $240,737 in 2018, the report says.

In 2017, assets exceeded liabilities by $9,915,730, while expenditures exceeded total revenues by $339,986 in 2017.

The Police Jury had net capital assets of $8,414,123 and has a $1,938,847 debt associated with capital assets as of December 31, 2018, according to the report.

“The Police Jury's budget was amended once during the last year,” the report notes. “The final expenditures budget for all major funds totaled $3,562,991 and revenues were budgeted at $2,849,765.

“Actual revenues were more than budgeted for all major funds totaled by $119,340, and actual expenditures were more than budgeted amounts by $79,881. The budget was amended to primarily reflect additional grant revenues and expenditures and changes in taxes and other income.”

In a statement of revenues, expenditures and changes in fund balances, the report noted that revenue for 2018 totaled $1,332,721, including $313,886, ad valorem taxes; $221,169, sales taxes; $11,191, state revenue-sharing; $394,610, state grants; $179,942, fee, charges and commissions; $64,393, fines and forfeitures; $8,035, investment income; and $139,495, other revenues.

Expenditures totaled $1,458,791, including $227,779, judicial; $75,458, finance and administrative; $158,759, public safety; $60,249, public works; $101,254, health and welfare; $350,627, economic development; $73,595, principal retirement; $37,330, interest and bank charges; and $373,740, capital outlay.

The result was a deficiency in revenues over expenses of $126,070.

The ending fund balance for 2018 was $1,038,770.

There was only one finding in the audit  -- the Jury's” Library Fund's expenditures exceeded its budgeted amount by 12.75%. The budgeted amount of expenditures was $282,808 and the actual expenditures were $318,857. Louisiana Revised Statute 39:1311 requires that expenditures not exceed the budget by more than 5%.”

Management noted that it would “work on this for fiscal year 2019.

Concerning projects, the report noted that the Jury “with a grant from the Delta Regional Authority, has signed a contract for the fuel farm to be installed at the Tensas Parish Airport. The fuel will be available with a debit or credit card. The project should be completed in the summer of 2019. The Police Jury's application for CWEF grant funds has been approved for Tensas Water Association. Tensas Water Association is in the process of formulating their order.”

Additionally, the report noted that the Jury has:

-- Purchased “a service truck for the Road Barn to be used for the maintenance of Parish roads. The truck was purchased with LGAP grant funds.

-- Entered “into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Delta Community College. Delta Community College is offering HISET, for people that need to obtain a high school diploma, in a classroom located inside the Tensas Parish Community Center.

-- Entered “into a Lease agreement with Tensas Driving School, Inc. Tensas Driving School, Inc. is offering classes for people to obtain a driver's license.

-- Entered “into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Tensas Parish Fire Protection District No. 1. The fire district is now located in the building next door to the Tensas Parish Community Center. The fire district will become a training center to help lower insurance rates in Tensas Parish.

-- Is “selling 65 acres of land across the levee at St. Joseph, LA. The Police Jury has voted and approved to allocate $100,000 of the sale proceeds towards improved infrastructure for Tensas Parish roads.

-- Has “obtained a loan in the amount of $270,000 to restore the Tensas Parish Courthouse from a mold issue. The contractor has been selected and the project should be finished by mid-July 2019.”

The Tensas Police Jury was created by Legislative act in the 1800s. Seven jurors served four-year terms each.

Jurors are paid $1,600 per month. The President is paid $2,000 per month.

Jury President Larry Foster received $35,951 during the past fiscal year including salary, $24,000; benefits insurance $10,115; benefits other (Social Security match), $1,488; and benefits other (Medicare match), $348.

Other jurors were each paid $19,200 in fiscal year 2018, including William Trevillion, Roderick Webb, Thomas Crigler, Danny C. Clark, Bubba Rushing and James Davis, Jr.

The Jury has 11 full-time employees and one part-time employee at this time and maintains 155 miles of roads.

Tensas has a population of 4,578.

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