Winnsboro 9/10 All Stars are North State Champions after dropping their first game and battling their way through the bracket. Winnsboro is now playing for the south state championship in Gonzales. The winner of the matchup will advance to the World Series.

The 9/10 all star team has an overall record of 18-2 and has outscored their opponents 230-78.

In the first matchup, Winnsboro lost to a tough Minden team 13-5, but the all star team showed resolve and bounced St. Mary 12-5 in the second game.

In the third round, Winnsboro continued to roll beating Gonzales 13-1 and matched the score against Sabine (13-1) in the fourth round.

In the final and fifth round, Winnsboro faced Gretna and beat the team 9-2.

Minden 13 - Winnsboro 5

Winnsboro fell to Minden 13-5 but still managed multiple hits in the game.

Tristan Dickson had the big hit of the game in the second inning when he smoked a double.

Lead off batter Eli Cottingham had two singles in the matchup, one in the first and seventh.

Cade Hankins had two singles, one in the fourth and one in the sixth.

Jaxon Perry also had two singles against Minden. Perry’s singles came in the second and fourth innings.

Gavin Griffing, Cooper Olivier and Jacolby Brooks contributed with a single each for Winnsboro.

Starting pitcher in the game was Hankins. He pitched the first inning and recorded one strike out.

Cottingham put in three innings and had five strike outs while Keller Bradley had four innings on the mound and five strike outs.

Gavin Griffing and Kaiden Seals contributed with an inning each on the mound.

Winnsboro 12 - St. Mary 5

Winnsboro recovered in the second round to beat St. Mary. 12-5 with each 9/10 year old player hitting.

Connor Toler had two singles and a double for Winnsboro.

Cottingham, Gaven Griffing and Cade Hankins had a single and a double in the contest.

Jaxon Perry and Olivier had two singles against St. Mary.

Bradley, Dickson, Luke Barfield and Brooks contributed with a single.

Bradley started the game for Winnsboro. He lasted one inning and recorded three strike outs.

Cottingham put in two innings of work on the mound and had five strike outs.

Hankins also put in two innings and had four strike outs.

Griffing closed the game out with one inning on the mound and fanned two players.

Winnsboro 13 - Gonzales 1

The offensive machine of the 9/10 year old all stars continued to churn as they beat Gonzales 13-1.

Toler led the way offensively for Winnsboro as he slapped a double in the second and single in the first.

Bradley and Perry had a single each for their team.

Griffing smoked a double in the second while Cottingham, Olivier and Brooks notched a single each.

Cottingham also put in 3 2/3 innings for Winnsboro. While on the mound he struck out nine Gonzales players.

Bradley finished the pitching duties with a 1/3 inning and struck out one.

Winnsboro 13 - Sabine 1

Thirteen was Winnsboro’s lucky number as the 9/10 year old team beat Sabine 13-1. Winnsboro bats were hot as the team collected 17 total hits during the game.

Bradley had the big hit of the game with a triple in the first inning. He solidified his performance with a double in the fifth inning.

Additionally, Perry had a strong performance at the plate going three-for-three with three singles against Sabine.

Brooks and Barfield contributed with a double each.

Cottingham, Dickson, Toler and Olivier had two singles each for Winnsboro.

Griffing and Hankins notched a single each against Sabine.

Hankins pitched two innings for Winnsboro and struck one Sabine player out.

Seals put in two innings of work on the mound and had one strike out.

Bradley finished the pitching duties up for Winnsboro.

Winnsboro 9 - Gretna 2

In the fifth and final game, Winnsboro beat Gretna 9-2.

The fifth inning proved to be the big inning for Winnsboro as they scored six points. Bradley had the big hit of the game with a triple in the fifth inning.

Cottingham finished the tournament with a  strong offensive performance going two-for-three at the plate with a single and a double.

Griffing, Dickson, Toler and Rials had a single each for Winnsboro.

Bradley pitched five inning and recorded six strike outs.

Hankins put in one inning of work on the mound for Winnsboro.

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