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Senators defend slight in infrastructure bill

Ouachita Parish was not cut out of recent legislation providing funding for infrastructure projects because House Bill 578 was intended to … Read more

West Monroe business weighs local expansion

The Board of Aldermen agreed Tuesday to offer a West Monroe business a break on the city’s sales taxes if the company decided to expand its… Read more

School Board to lease West Monroe church space for Boley

The Ouachita Parish School Board agreed to sign a commercial lease with the Assembly West Monroe earlier this week to use some 22,000 squar… Read more

The Ouachita Citizen Opinion

Tom Purcell — Father’s Day: My remarkably ‘unremarkable’ father

My dad turns 86 next month. He never thought he’d live so long — or see as many Father’s Days as he has — because his parents both died far… Read more

Michael Reagan: Great American stories never told

Earlier this week I traveled to central Illinois to speak at a memorial service at Eureka College, my dad’s alma mater, on the 15th anniver… Read more

Jeff Crouere: Censorship crusade continues

Throughout our history, free speech has been cherished in the United States of America. Thankfully, we have the First Amendment which manda… Read more