Ouachita Parish Metro Narcotics agents arrested three people last week on drug charges after authorities received information about a package of methamphetamine scheduled for delivery to a home in Sterlington.

The package was supposed to be delivered to Aaron J. Farrar, 22, of 434 Paige Circle, Sterlington. The package was intercepted and searched. Eight ounces of meth were inside.

Agents repackaged the drugs and conducted a controlled delivery at Farrar's residence. Farrar took the package and opened it, at which time agents made entry and conducted a search of the house.

A vehicle stolen out of Florida was discovered in the back yard along with a weapon.

Subjects inside the house claimed Farrar was expecting the meth delivery and had possession of the gun found at the house.

Farrar is a convicted felon and barred from possessing a firearm.

Farrar said he knew about the drugs inside the package but claimed it was not intended for him. Later, he admitted to stealing the vehicle but claimed ignorance of the firearm.

Later, Farrar tried to escape the interview room by placing a chair on the desk and trying to break through the ceiling tiles.

Farrar said he was scared of returning to jail. That was why he tried to escape, he said.

He was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on possession of meth with intent, violation of a protective order, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a stolen vehicle, and simple escape.

One of the other subjects inside the house – Briana Musgrove, 22, of 10185 Peach Orchard Road, Bastrop – claimed ownership of the marijuana, hydrocodone and oxycodone pills found inside the house. She was booked at OCC for possession of the three drugs.

Another subject inside the house – Tori Mitchell, 18, of 166 Grover Barrett Road, Picayune, Mississippi – had Oxycodone in her purse, according to the arrest report. She was booked at OCC.

Agents also arrested Autumn B. Kirby, 21, of 17699 Crossett Road, Bastrop, for possession of meth and possession of Ecstasy. Agents found the two drugs inside pill bottles. The pill bottles were inside a purse, which Kirby said belonged to her. She claimed ownership of the Ecstasy, not the meth.

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Why not mention Autumn Kirby, another woman at the scene and arrested for possession.

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