Ouachita Parish sheriff's deputies arrested a Monroe man on suspicion of domestic abuse battery and cruelty to children last week after authorities were notified of a disturbance at a house on Birchwood.

The complainant said Christopher Hill Courtland, 39, of 1620 South 9th St., Monroe, with whom she had been in a romantic relationship, occasionally stayed with her at her house.

The complainant said she and Courtland were driving home when a verbal argument became physical.

“Victim told me suspect (Courtland) became irate when plates of food fell while en route to victim's residence,” stated the June 18 arrest report.

The complainant took her seven-month-old child from the back of the car.

“Once victim attempted to calm (the seven-month-old) baby down suspect punched victim on the right side of her face with a closed right hand,” stated the arrest report. “Suspect also scratched victim's face with his finger nails. Suspected attempted to grab the baby from victim while driving accelerating and braking the vehicle. Suspect scratched baby on the right side of her face and left finger prints on her right harm where he attempted to grab her.”

Deputies observed the scratches on the complainant and on her child.

Deputies took Courtland into custody. During questioning, Courtland admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages and had slurred speech. He denied all allegations, including the complainant's claim that he took her cell phone. When deputies conducted a pat down, they found the complainant's cell phone in Courtland's back pocket.

He was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center on suspicion of the above charges as well as one count of theft.

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