Races for the Nov. 6 election, an office at Fourth Judicial District Court, the local school boards and the town of Sterlington, drew a number of candidates last week.

4JDC, Division G seat

Qualifying as candidates for the Fourth Judicial District Court’s Division G office were Monroe City Court Judge Aisha S. Clark, a Democrat from Monroe, and state Rep. Marcus Hunter, D-Monroe.

Ouachita Parish School Board

Three Ouachita Parish School Board members were re-elected without opposition, after nobody else qualified to be candidates for the same seats on the board.

Those three School Board members included Tommy M. Comeaux, a Republican from West Monroe; Jerry R. Hicks, a Republican from West Monroe; and Greg Manley, a Republican from Monroe.

School Board members Carey Walker and Red Sims did not seek re-election.

David “Dabo” Graves, a Republican from Monroe, qualified to be a candidate for the School Board’s District F, which was previously represented by Walker. Graves was the only candidate to qualify and was elected to the office without opposition.

The outcome of three School Board races will be determined at the Nov. 6 election.

Sims previously represented District C on the School Board. The two candidates qualifying to be candidates were William R. “Bubba” Miller, a Republican from Eros, and Scotty Waggoner, a Republican from West Monroe.

In District B, School Board member Scott Robinson is seeking re-election. Robinson drew one opponent: former West Monroe High School Principal Shere May. May and Robinson are both Republicans from West Monroe.

In District E, School Board member John L. Russell qualified for re-election. Russell drew one challenger: Eric Bowie Sr. Both Russell and Bowie are Democrats from Monroe.

Monroe City School Board

Monroe City School Board President Bill Willson, a Republican from Monroe, and School Board member Jennifer Haneline, a no-party candidate from Monroe, were each re-elected without opposition.

Four Monroe City School Board members drew challengers.

School Board member Vickie Dayton, a Republican from Monroe, will face Rick Saulsberry, a Democrat from Monroe, in the School Board’s District 1 race.

School Board member Daryll Berry, a Democrat from Monroe, will face Don Hopkins, an Independent from Monroe, in the School Board’s District 4 race.

School Board member Rodney McFarland did not seek re-election to the School Board’s District 5 seat.

Three candidates filed paperwork to succeed McFarland. They include Betty “Ward” Cooper, Karen M. Gant, and Anna Reed. Each are Democrats from Monroe.

In District 6, School Board member Brandon “B.J.” Johnson, a Democrat from Monroe, drew three opponents, including Tharris Bishop, a Democrat from Monroe, Jesse C. Smith, a Democrat from Monroe, and former School Board member Verbon Muhammad Sr., an Independent from Monroe.

In District 7, School Board member Brenda Shelling drew three challengers, including Ray Jones Jr., Sharon Neal, and Turner Saulsberry.

All are Democrats from Monroe.

Sterlington Mayor

Sterlington Mayor Vern Breland did not seek re-election.

Three people filed paperwork to be considered mayor, including two members of the Sterlington Board of Aldermen: Alderwoman Lucia Salinas “Lucy” Holtzclaw and Caesar Velasquez.

Robert Williams also qualified in the mayor’s race.

Holtzclaw, Velasquez and Williams are each Republicans.

Sterlington Chief of Police

Police Chief Barry Bonner drew two challengers last week: Rick Cole and Steven Mahon Jr.

Each are Republicans.

Sterlington Board of Aldermen

Seven people qualified to be members of Sterlington’s Board of Aldermen. Members are elected at large, meaning the top five vote-getters will be elected.

Only one current Alderman qualified for re-election: Ron Hill, a Republican.

The other six candidates include Heather Ganey, a Democrat; Benjamin Hobson, a Republican; Zack Howse, a no-party candidate; Brian McCarthy, a Republican; Jason “Jas” Sutton, a no-party candidate; and “Matt” Talbert, a Republican.

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