Firefighters begin home safety program

WEST MONROE resident Doris Thompson participates in a public safety awareness program being presented by personell from the West Monroe Fire Department. The program features home safety inspections and smoke alarm installations.

West Monroe firefighters visited the home of Doris Thompson last week as part of a recently launched public safety awareness program that involves home safety inspections and smoke alarm installations.

The West Monroe Fire Department recently undertook three home safety programs to minimize risks to residents who might experience a fire or other emergency in their homes.

During the public safety demonstration at Thompson’s home, firefighters installed smoke alarms and conducted a home safety inspection to determine whether her home or kitchen presented any possible fire risks.

“We talk about the three main causes of a fire, which are men, women, and children,” said Charlie Simmons, the department’s fire prevention chief. “Small appliances like a coffee maker or a toaster oven should be unplugged when not in use, because these things do cause fires.”

Simmons said the three safety programs were launched in response to training at recent conferences.

“We’re trying to prevent what could be prevented,” Simmons said.

In partnership with the State Fire Marshal’s office and the American Red Cross, smoke alarms are available to residents for free.

“Not only are the alarms (cost-free) but the Fire Department professionally installs the alarms in your home,” stated a fire department release.

Firefighters also are available to conduct home safety inspections with residents’ consent. If any risks are present, fire department personnel are expected to offer suggestions to correct the risk.

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