Louisiana Delta Community College partnered with JPMorgan Chase’s local office to host an informational session earlier this week as part of an effort to seek new employees for the private employer.

The session is open to anyone who desires to learn the skills necessary to prepare them to be a contending candidate for one of Chase’s open positions in the Mortgage Document Department.

“Louisiana Delta Community College has been a great partner in developing specialized training that will provide a more work-ready applicant for Chase’s Home Loan Center in Monroe,” Tania Hilburn, site leader for Chase in Monroe said. “The specialized training includes customer service skills as well as mortgage specific training.  We are excited for the fall semester launch of the program.”

Dennis Epps, Chancellor of Louisiana Delta Community College, said the college’s Workforce Training Department was regularly meeting with area businesses to address staffing challenges.

“We have our fingers on the pulse of what our communities need from us,” Epps said.

The college also has addressed training needs, college officials say.

“Through the needs analysis process, LDCC and the company determine if the best course of action is short-term training, tweaking a program, or if the need is so monumental that it justifies creating a new customized program for a company,” said Dean Baugh, Executive Director for Economic and Workforce Development. “The latter is exactly what we did with Chase and our Mortgage Documents program to help address training in an ever-changing environment.”

Chase has more than 2,500 employees in Louisiana and more than 2 million customers statewide. Chase has 1,100 employees in Monroe, making it one of the largest employers in Ouachita Parish.

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