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The city of Monroe’s crews in charge of picking up trash and debris are expected to return to regular pick-up in the coming months, according to city officials.

The city’s public works department performs regular garbage pick-up. The city also conducts trash pick-up, which involves the collection of debris, garden and lawn trash, and other items.

Some residents have reported trash pick-up delays of about three weeks, according to public works director Tom Janway. Residents have frequently complained about a similar problem for years. In recent years, it is not unusual for Mayo to address such complaints during a news conference.

The city’s ordinances require a certain amount of trash be picked up each week.

“I know we have received several calls about the trash-pickup,” said Mayo during a news conference Monday. “We’ve had some challenges.”

Janway and Mayo referred to old trucks and other equipment as the main cause of the delays.

“It’s not a surprise because we have some old equipment,” Mayo said. “We’ve had some challenges once they go out. I do want the public to know we’ve ordered three new trash pick-up trucks. We’ve gone out to bid for three more that we could get next spring.”

Janway said the current trucks were older than 10 years – past the life cycle of the trucks. Ideally, the city needs eight trucks working each day but has struggled to put five on the road because of mechanical service needs, according to Janway.

“We don’t make excuses, but we do try to be transparent,” Mayo said. “We’re going to eventually get back on schedule.”

Janway said some public works crews had resorted to picking up trash and debris by hand when trucks were not operating as needed.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to get trash picked up around the city,” Janway said.

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