Bill Roark

My first experience in the real estate business was with a very successful Dallas, Texas, commercial broker with no other associates and no training program. He showed me to a private office with a desk and a phone, wished me well and shut the door. He had given me a list of possible prospects that I could cold call or I could generate my own leads. I was given a small salary on which to survive until I could “make it on my own”. I had no sales experience and learned by trial and error how to talk with buyers and sellers. The miracle is that I survived and learned how to succeed in the world of real estate.

How things have changed with companies establishing training programs, the requirement of many classroom hours to get a license followed by continuing education courses.

The latest innovation in the world of real estate is real estate teams in which a seasoned professional will combine with a group of most often, less experienced realtors to mentor and train them, creating a team spirit. They will often become a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent concentrating their efforts on either buyers or sellers. The team leader is often called the “rainmaker” and the success or failure of the team will depend on his or her ability to motivate, inspire, challenge and organize the team.

The team leader may list your home but never attempt to sell it. That becomes the responsibility of the buyer’s agents on the team. The main downfall of teams is that after the commission is divided between the company, the rainmaker and a possible co-broker leaving too little remaining for the agent to survive in the business.

On the Local Scene

The former SAGE RESTAURANT 1301 N. 19TH street, Monroe has been leased and a new restaurant will soon open at this location.

The MEDICAL OFFICE 501 McMillan Road, West Monroe has been sold for $219,000. The 3,700 sf office building sold for $59.00 psf.

Bill Roark is a Commercial Associate Broker at Tri State Properties and may be contacted by email to


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