The shootings at El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio encouraged the liberals and media to start calling for more gun control again. Our leaders must look at our society, not just in controlling guns. Many knowledgeable people say gun control will not solve the underlying shooting problem. Many have strong opinion about gun control but is will do nothing more than place a small band aid on a much bigger problem.

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput says it is foolish to believe “gun control” will make the causes of violence go away. It is necessary to look at problems, not just the symptoms.

He says the people using guns in these incidents have “twisted minds” caused by our culture over the past-half century.

Law enforcement officials including Spokane County Sheriff Ossie Knezovic blame a moral digression in society that makes such actions possible. Knezovic makes it clear the shootings represents a societal problem, not a gun problem.

Gun control only affect law abiding citizens, criminals do not obey the laws. The government’s drug laws have not solved the drug problem that has killed as many citizens as soldiers who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. There are four times as many people killed by stabbing than guns.

The intention of Liberals is to ban all guns. This has not worked in countries that have ban guns. Crime still went up. With the increase of private gun ownership crime goes down. With the increase in crime and home invasion, homeowners need a means to protect themselves. Law enforcement only arrive after the crime is committed. The Center for Disease Control report that over 1 million-gun owners yearly used guns for self-protection.

There has been many studies and research on the gun control problem that offer solutions, but the politicians and media only want gun control.

Citizens must make their leaders know that they want solutions, not more gun control.

Huey P. O’Neal, USAF-Ret.

West Monroe

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