Sterlington head football coach Lee Doty didn’t have to search hard or far for a defensive coordinator. After spending a year chasing grandchildren, Randy Carr was available, able and more than willing.

Carr spent 12 years at Sterlington as a teacher and coach before retiring at the end of the 2018 school year.

“I guess you could say I failed at retirement,” Carr laughed. “I have too many grandkids. I had to come back to football to get some rest.”

It didn’t take Carr long to figure out he had made a mistake.

“I listened to the first five games (last year) on the computer,” Carr said. “I went to Game 6, and it was so lonely standing on the sidelines not being able to help. I love these coaches. To not be a part of that was very, very difficult.”

Doty, who has guided the Panthers to a state quarterfinal appearance in 2017 and a state runner-up finish last season in two years as head coach, doubled as defensive coordinator in 2018.

“Lee and (SHS Principal) Jason Thompson both talked to me before the end of the season,” Carr said. “When I talked to them in January and they offered the position, it didn’t take long for me to say, ‘yes.’”

Carr, who rejoined the team for the start of summer workouts, says it hasn’t taken long to get back into the swing of things.

“Having been at the school for so long, it wasn’t a big change,” Carr said. “I knew the kids for the post part with the exception of some of the younger guys. I’ve enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them. The older guys remember me and know I am going to demand excellence from them.

“I have been watching most of these kids since they were young, and want to be a part of their continued success.”

Carr says the Panthers’ schematic changes will be minimal.

“I am an addition to the defensive group,” Carr said. “We are not going to change a great deal. I’ll be the one to make adjustments. It’s easier for one person to learn something new than it is for 60. We may change some techniques, but what we are going to do is play Sterlington football. I have great coaches, and they know what they are doing.”

During his first original tenure at Sterlington, Carr was defensive coordinator in 2008, coached running backs for the 2017 state championship team and was head baseball coach on two separate occasions. His 2009 team advanced to the Class 2A state championship game before falling to Evangel 2-1.

“I am very, very grateful to Lee Doty for letting an old man come back,” Carr said. “I love Sterlington High School.”


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