Ever wonder what it’s like to have the game in the palm of your hand in the final moments of a playoff game? Wossman senior quarterback Antrell Green does.

And like most kids growing up, he had visions of coming through in the clutch to win an important game and send his team forward on a state championship quest.

But nobody envisions the other possibility — the nightmare of coughing up a fumble in the closing moments of the game. That became a reality for Green, as his turnover was the final nail in a 13-12 Eunice victory.

“I still haven’t gotten over it,” Green said. “I think about it every day.”

Wossman head coach Dean Smith does also. It’s hard not to when you witnessed Eunice run the table and win the Class 3A State Championship. The team Wossman had on the ropes was hoisting up the 3A trophy at the end of the season.

“I just keep thinking about that last play against Eunice. The ball just jumped out of his hands,” Smith said. “I won’t ever forget that play. Imagine the person it happened to. The Saints lost a game because the guy went for an interception and didn’t get the ball a couple years ago. I’m hurting as a Saints fan, but what about the guy who made that play? That has to be eating him alive. So the team now is trying to get themselves back into the playoffs tomorrow, and we’re working on taking it one game at a time.”

No need to rush the Wildcats development in 2019. Because of returning players like star running back Jessie Booker and breakout receiver Dez Watson, the Wildcats should be primed to score more points in 2019. But the offense doesn’t soar without its returning gunslinger.

Last season Green threw for 1,401 yards, 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also added six rushing touchdowns on the season. Green provided some stability to a position that hasn’t had any since Cameron Lewis graduated and went to LSU. Green said it all began to flow after halftime of the Benton game, which opened the season last year.

“We were down 28-14, and we came out and won that second half. It gave us a lot of confidence,” Green said. “Everything slowed down, and we ran the plays how coach wanted us to.”

Two years ago Green was battling to be the starting quarterback, and he put a stamp on the position last fall. Green admits he found relief without another quarterback breathing down his neck last fall, but he was cautious not get complacent. Instead, he grew more confident with every impressive outing.

Smith saw Green further grow in confidence this offseason.

“This summer is when we really started seeing the leadership part,” Smith said. “Guys are starting to follow him this year. That’s great to see.”

The 6-foot, 150-pound quarterback hasn’t rested on his laurels either. This offseason Green has been working on his speed to add another wrinkle to his game. Though he possesses the athletic ability necessary to maneuver in the pocket, Green wouldn’t classify himself as a scrambler. He’s hoping he can add a wrinkle to his game this fall, though, for his final season with the Wildcats.

After he graduates following what will hopefully be another productive football season, Green hopes to join his cousin, Kiara Reed, in the U.S. Army.

Award-winning sports writer for columns and features since joining the field in 2013. As the first-ever featured columnist of the month at Bleacher Report, Martin cut his teeth with online media before joining the newspaper business in 2014.

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