Fifteen schools will be represented at the Sterlington Lady Panthers’ Team Camp on Monday and Tuesday.

A total of 29 games will be played, starting at 10 a.m. both days.

Varsity teams include Mangham, Choudrant, West Ouachita, D’Arbonne Woods, West Monroe, Beekman, Union, Homer, Oak Grove, Delhi Charter, Forest, Ruston, St. Frederick, Ouachita Christian and Sterlington. West Monroe, Ouachita and Sterlington. Rounding out the field are JV teams from West Ouachita, Ouachita and Sterlington.


The complete schedule:

Monday, June 10

10 a.m. — Mangham vs. Choudrant (Main Gym)

Oak Grove vs. Homer (Auxiliary Gym)

10:45 — West Ouachita vs. D’Arbonne Woods (Main)

Union vs. Delta Charter (Aux)

11:30 — Mangham vs. Sterlington (Main)

Forest vs. Choudrant (Aux)

12:15 p.m. — West Monroe vs. West Ouachita (Main)

D’Arbonne Woods vs. Oak Grove (Aux)

1:00 — Beekman vs. Sterlington JV (Main)

Mangham vs. Homer (Aux)

1:45 — Union vs. West Monroe (Main)

Delhi Charter vs. Forest (Aux)

2:30 — Sterlington vs. Homer (Main)

Beekman vs. Choudrant (Aux)

Tuesday, June 11

10:00 — Ruston vs. West Monroe (Main)

Oak Grove vs. Forest (Aux)

10:45 — Union vs. Sterlington (Main)

West Monroe JV vs. Ouachita JV (Aux)

11:30 — West Ouachita vs. Oak Grove (Main)

Forest vs. Beekman (Aux)

12:15 — Ruston vs. Ouachita (Main)

D’Arbonne Woods vs. Ouachita JV (Aux)

1:00 — St. Frederick vs. Sterlington (Main)

West Monroe JV vs. Delhi Charter (Aux)

1:45 — Ouachita vs. West Monroe (Main)

Beekman vs. West Ouachita (Aux)

2:30 — St. Frederick vs. D’Arbonne Woods (Main)

Sterlington JV vs. Delhi Charter (Aux)

3:15 — West Ouachita vs. Union (Main)

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