The Kiwanis Club recently donated a bicycle to each of the 10 branches of Ouachita Parish Public Library and will present these prizes to high-achieving readers at a reception held at the main library located at N. 18th Street and Stubbs Avenue in Monroe.

At the end of the Summer Reading Challenge, a random drawing is held for children aged 12 and under who completed the entire reading program.

Each of the 10 library branches has one winning child, who will then be presented a bicycle an Aug. 9 reception.

Families of the winning children, as well as Kiwanis members and library representatives, will be present to celebrate the achievement and good fortune of these children. .

“Just as it is important for kids to exercise their bodies, it is important for them to exercise their minds. By reading during the summer, kids practice the learning skills they obtained during the previous school year and prepare for the coming one. Bikes for Books offers children a chance to develop both mind and body and is an incentive to encourage them to complete our Summer Reading Challenge,” said Robin Toms, Director of the Ouachita Parish Public Library.

“We thank the Kiwanis of Greater Ouachita for the opportunity to partner with them to benefit the kids of Ouachita Parish.”

Kiwanians’ purpose is to serve the children of the world, so it is their privilege to participate in this program and many others.

Funds for such efforts are raised locally primarily through the annual Pancake Day fundraiser, which will be held this year on Nov. 12 at First United Methodist Church, Monroe.

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