Monroe Garden Club celebrates club year

NEWLY INSTALLED MGC officers for 2019-2020 are Anne Lockhart, assistant treasurer; Brenda Adams, secretary; Mary Sue Jacka, treasurer; Cindy Price, first vice president; Johnette Mintz, president-elect; and Vicki Robinson, president. Not present was Debora Colvin, second vice president.

The sun was shining, the ladies were laughing, and everyone was ready to thank Alise Oliver, outgoing president of Monroe Garden Club. One year ago, Oliver promised the members that this year would be educational, enjoyable, and — most of all — fun! Oliver promised, and Oliver delivered.

The occasion was MGC’s annual spring luncheon, a much-anticipated final event of the club year when new officers are installed, new members are welcomed (44 this year!), and the retiring officers and committee members are thanked for their service. Co-chairs for the luncheon were Annetta Hill and Beverly Sivils. Their design talents are well known, and those talents shown at the affair. Working with them to make the event memorable were Sue Nawas, Brenda Adams, Nerissa Bryant, Lana Forte, Beverly Graham, Rosalyn Janway, Lyndsey Miller, Babs Oakley, Diane Paschall, Kay McDonald, Sue McGinn, Ann McMickle, Shelley Rankin, Ivy Tanguis, and Regina Wood.

Twin wreaths on the French doors at Bayou DeSiard Country Club’s front entry set the theme for the luncheon. Clearly a Louisiana lady was being honored with native iris and gorgeous white orchids. In the entry, a whimsical arrangement that saluted all things Louisiana caused all entering to pause and take a closer look. An impish alligator guarded the “swamp” with a miniature wooden pirogue balancing the scene. Fern, bamboo, and tropical foliage in multiple shades of green were accented with white hydrangeas to complete the design.

Centering the ballroom was a dramatic floral composition that combined the classic color combination of blue and white — executed with blue and white vases, white orchids, Louisiana native iris in shades of blue, and a Chinese rug placed just in front of the tablescape. Beautiful driftwood added texture to the piece.

The ladies enjoyed lunch in an area that combined the main dining room, the fireside room, and spilled over to the edge of the ballroom. Each of the nearly thirty tables clothed in white was centered with a lovely petite arrangement featuring Louisiana iris and fern in a glass vase placed on philodendron leaves. The luncheon menu included tossed salad greens, chicken crepes, green beans, saffron rice, and pineapple bread pudding. During the lunch, the ladies were treated to a style show featuring “W by Worth” clothes modeled by MGC members. Members Jane Conrad and her sister, Dianne Brown, friend Gayle Shepard, and Jane’s daughter, Lisa Spatafora, helped make the style show a success.

Outgoing president Oliver thanked the club for all of the work that had been done during this club year. She then asked past MGC president Thereze Nagem to install the MGC officers for 2019-2020. Accepting the offices were president, Vicki Robinson; president-elect, Johnette Mintz; first vice president, Cindy Price; second vice president, Debora Colvin; secretary, Brenda Adams; treasurer, Mary Sue Jacka; and assistant treasurer, Anne Lockhart. President Robinson announced that her members-at-large are Margaret Barker and Buff Harvey with Ginger Huckabay serving as the Club’s parliamentarian.

Incoming president Robinson presented Oliver with a Clementine Hunter canvas in appreciation for her leadership during the year. She welcomed the 44 new members, and encouraged them to get involved immediately in the work of the club. Robinson announced that MGC will be decorating with the Cancer Foundation League for the Louisiana Cancer Foundation’s Survivor Dinner at ULM-Bayou Pointe on June 20. The MGC Silver Tea which will the new Club year will be held at Regina Wood’s home on Riverside on Sept. 10.

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